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Yoga postures suitable for menstrual practice and precautions for menstrual yoga practice, collect it quickly~

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! In the process of yoga, we are required to control our emotions with our own thoughts, completely relax, forget distractions, and focus only on the completion of asanas, so that the parts of the body mechanism that have nothing to do with yoga actions are in a non excited state.

For example, meditation can stop the intellectual and rational activities of the cerebral cortex and eliminate mental laxity.

Here are some postures that are suitable for menstrual practice and have a good effect on relieving dysmenorrhea.


For muscle groups: promote blood circulation in waist, abdomen and pelvis, hero type, downward dog type, double angle type, cobra type, beam angle type, sitting angle type, butterfly type, cobra type, cat tiger type, downward dog type, cobra type standing forward flexion type 2.

For meridians: improve uterine blood flow and regulate internal secretion function of human body, cat type, pigeon type, butterfly type, locust type Fish pose, cat stretching pose, simple locust Fish pose.

In addition, if there is a pose that you want to practice during menstruation, you must pay attention to the following points: 1.

Avoid all inverted postures (the position of the uterus is higher than that of the heart), which will interfere with the natural process of downward detoxification of body energy during menstruation.


Too violent posture is easy to cause tension and fatigue.


Maintain a standing or balanced position for too long.


Vigorous backward bending movements, such as bow, camel, wheel, etc.


All postures of vigorous abdominal contraction and movement, such as abdominal rotation, supine leg lift and boat pose.




The act of supporting full body balance with your arms.


Avoid difficult poses or learn new ones.

What you should and shouldn’t are here.

Menstruation is not easy.

Love yourself well.

After reading it, just watch it 👍。.

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