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Yoga Slimming tips: three classic postures, flat abdomen and thin waist

Weight loss is a topic that women often talk about.

Fat and fat are the most sensitive words for women.

In fact, fat is not terrible.

What’s terrible is your lazy habit.

Those sisters who are troubled by obesity mostly do not like exercise, which leads to the wanton growth of fat and the continuous accumulation of fat.

This not only affects health, but also destroys the perfect image.

Health needs care and image needs to be built.

Change the habit that you don’t like exercise and move away from obesity.

There are many ways to exercise, and yoga is the most suitable for women.

A woman who often practices yoga is not only healthy and beautiful, but also gentle and elegant.

Between gestures, always show a full feminine charm.

Here are some selected yoga poses for you.

You can enjoy them and try to practice them at the same time.

I believe you will feel the charm of yoga and really fall in love with yoga.

Pose 1: Goddess pose the main functions of Goddess pose are: to enhance the strength of legs, enhance the ability of balance, reduce the fat of legs, hips and abdomen, create exquisite legs and beautify the curve of hips.

And stretch the spine, expand the chest, beautify the shape of the shoulder and neck, and improve the internal temperament.

This pose is simple and practical, and beginners need to practice more.

When practicing, pay attention to two verticals: the waist and back are perpendicular to both legs, and the large and small legs are perpendicular to each other.

Add a heel lifting action, which can be very flexible ankle and toe joints.

Asana 2: big worship.

Practicing this big worship can reduce abdominal fat, enhance abdominal muscle strength and practice vest line.

At the same time, it can tighten the leg muscles and optimize the hip curve.

When practicing, first sit in with Vajra, then lean forward, touch the ground with your arms and straighten forward.

The chest is close to the ground and retracted backward.

Lower the waist and lift the hips.

After holding the posture for an appropriate length of time, return to the King Kong sitting position, adjust your breath and relax, and then do the next exercise.

Asana 3: Heron style breathing and relaxation.

After a short rest, turn Vajra sitting into cross legged sitting.

Then use both hands to help lift the left leg from the front and reach the limit.

Then pass the left arm through the inside of the left leg and move the left leg behind the shoulder.

Turn your right arm around the top of your head and pull back, grasp the soles of your feet and stretch upward.

Then keep your posture and breathe evenly.

After holding the posture for an appropriate length of time, return to the cross legged sitting position and then do the opposite side exercise.

Pose 4: double arm support the main effect of upper arm support is to enhance the strength of both arms.

However, for obese people, their general strength is poor.

It is recommended to practice this action more.

When you first practice, you may not last for a few seconds.

It doesn’t matter.

Just do your best and reach the limit.

With the increase of practice time, the situation will gradually improve.

Asana 5: Rao tou Wang Yue, an extremely beautiful posture, seems to lie on a rocking chair and enjoy the moon in the sky leisurely, relaxed and contented.

This seemingly relaxed posture, without three or five years of hard practice, ordinary people can’t do it.

But you can try it, challenge your flexibility and feel the charm of yoga.

If you can’t wrap your legs around your head, you can practice one leg first.

In short, losing weight is actually a very simple thing.

Exercise is the secret of losing weight.

Adhere to such yoga practice, start from simple, step by step, and practice diligently.

Three to five movements suitable for yourself at a time.

If you stick to them, you can smooth your lower abdomen and practice vest line.

Thin waist, beautiful legs, slim body, farewell to fat body, you are also provocative and popular.

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