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Zero foundation 30 day systematic and comprehensive study of astonga Yoga 300 hour course, private teaching / small class teaching. Mr. Li

-Namaste – this course is a zero basis, comprehensive and systematic study in the true sense of Ashtanga Yoga.

You can learn all Ashtanga Yoga courses for 300 hours in 30 days, and offer private teaching or small class teaching.

About training related question answer 1: what is 300 hours? A: the 30 day private education training is 200 hours + online 10 day training 60 hours (free) + offline 10 days 60 hours (free) * online 10 days (1999 yuan) + offline 10 days (3880 yuan) are free courses for 30 day students.

Note: 300 hour graduation is a prerequisite for 500 hour Certification Study of Ashtanga Yoga.

Specific accumulation: in addition to the private teaching hours of the day, the students need to continue the course practice, review exercises, teacher guidance, questions related to ah Tang’s questions, and the homework of the day assigned by the teacher.

There are internships and lessons during the nearly 300 hour examination, and the lessons are accumulated.

2: What does private teaching / small class mean? A: the teaching method is one-to-one private teaching or small class teaching mode with less than 6 people.

3: What do you send after learning? A: after all the 300 hour required courses are completed and passed the examination, teacher Li Yubin will be issued with the 300 hour qualification certificate of astonga yoga, an astonga training and teaching manual and a 42 inch astonga wall chart.

4: Is it convenient to stay and eat in the place where you study? A: the training venue is located next to the north square of Dayan Pagoda, a very prosperous area in Xi’an.

There are a lot of snacks and restaurants around.

There are a lot of home stay, hotels and hotels.

The accommodation provided in the museum is about 70 yuan per day, which is particularly convenient and affordable.

5: Will a month’s training learn the second sequence? A: you will learn the second sequence asana of astonga.

6: How many people are there in class? A: one person also has classes.

Teachers will teach classes in private mode.

If more than one person starts at the same time, they can be taught in small classes with the same teaching content and flexible teaching, which is convenient for everyone.

7: What do you test after you finish learning? A: the 300 hour assessment content is (1), a series of Sanskrit full version standard password course assessment.

(2) , a complete sequence of auxiliary technique assessment.

(3) , a sequence of Sanskrit style names and all chanting and counting examinations.

(4) , a sequence of all postures, the correct practice method to enter and exit and replace the assessment of postures.

(5) , cleaning method and breath regulation.

8: What’s the difference between 300 hours and 500 hours? A: on the basis of 300 hours, 500 hours has added the assessment of Ashtanga practice code of conduct and the synchronous assessment of a sequence of complete Sanskrit counting password and auxiliary assistant method of Ashtanga Yoga.

In other words, 500 hours focuses on the assessment of a sequence of complete password Sanskrit auxiliary and counting lessons on the basis of 300 hours.

9: Who can learn 300 hours? A: Yoga teachers or yoga lovers who want to learn Ashtanga Yoga comprehensively and systematically without foundation.

Comprehensive self-improvement and want to be a truly qualified Ashtanga Yoga teacher.

Ashtanga Yoga lovers, practitioners, self-improvement and refinement.

10: 300 hours of study is too long.

I can’t take such a long vacation.

Can I study separately? A: in order to facilitate local and foreign students who cannot study continuously for 300 hours under special circumstances, the 300 hour course can be divided into two times, up to three times, that is to say, you can study in two times, about 15 days each time.

Or 3 times, about 10 days each time to study for 300 hours.

* in the attitude of being responsible for students, those who fail in a certain examination or meet the standard will not be issued with a 300 or 500 hour qualification certificate until they pass the study and practice examination.

Previous students’ 300 hour graduation assessment of astonga Yoga shared astonga yoga teaching courses and a series of demonstrations of astonga yoga.

Click the following link to enter the training experience sharing wonderful review of previous students: 2018 astonga yoga teacher Li Yubin 10 day zero basic training student experience sharing excerpt collection astonga first sequence astonga second sequence astonga Yoga progress And promotion (I) Ashtanga Yoga advancement and promotion (II) Mysore practice sharing (I) Mysore practice sharing (II) counting method and pure technique auxiliary practice of the first sequence of Ashtanga courses.

‚óŹ core content of 30 day Ashtanga Yoga Teaching: systematically and comprehensively learn the pronunciation and front and back chanting of Sanskrit names of all postures in the first sequence, complete teaching password, course arrangement, auxiliary learning of pure techniques in Ashtanga Yoga sequence, detailed breathing and cleaning method, various chanting of Ashtanga (elephant head God chanting, teacher-student chanting, light chanting), etc, The first sequence is the password and Sanskrit counting of all postures, the decomposition and explanation of all postures one by one, and the learning methods, skills and key points.

Teaching methods of one-on-one private teaching in astonga, methods and skills of astonga Mysore and self practice.

Basic planning of course learning: 1 Comprehensive understanding and entering astonga Yoga 2 Astonga zero basic practice improvement and precision practice 3 How astonga connects life and diet 4 Advanced and comprehensive practice and practice of breathing method 5 Scientific, safe and accurate practice methods and a full set of auxiliary techniques 6 Teaching and scheduling methods and skills in astonga 7 All asanas in the first sequence of astonga are broken down one by one, explained and adjusted in person.

8 How do individuals complete self exercises independently with mysore9 Jumping, crossing, handstand, back bend comprehensive decomposition and practice and auxiliary exercises 10 The relationship between energy chakras and astonga, explain the seven chakras and meditation meditation.

The relationship between elephant head God chanting, teacher-student chanting, light chanting, Mandala chanting and personal spirituality..

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