How many of the 24 difficult yoga poses can you do?

It is said that there are 840000 yoga postures, corresponding to 840000 kinds of creatures on the earth.

Today, let’s take a look at 24 difficult asanas, which are just a ladle of water in the sea of Yoga asanas! Hold your chin with your hands! Hand handstand scorpion style ↓ hand handstand is already very difficult.

You have to add a back bend.

It’s really hard to mourn for your family! Pigeon King pose ↓ when it comes to back bending, why is there less of this pose! Half lotus crow style ↓ crow style is not a thing.

This is awesome! Iron crosshead handstand ↓ no damage without comparison! Scorpion pose with folded tail ↓ this pose looks more challenging than ordinary scorpion pose.

Complete wheel pose ↓ many people dream of doing this pose.

The bow type of grasping the big toe ↓ really becomes a doughnut.

The peacock type ↓ it hurts when you look at it! Yogi’s sleeping position ↓ it seems that she is doing very comfortably.

Most people struggle with this pose.

Hummingbird ↓ arm balance, hip opening and upper body strength are needed! Peacock variant ↓ I can’t do peacock.

I’d better have a look at this…

Firefly B ↓ when I’m still struggling with folding my abdomen and can’t touch my thighs, he’s already crossed his legs.

One leg elbow wheel ↓ don’t try it casually.

It’s not for fun! Stand back and bend ↓ this is not difficult.

When the wheel is ready, you can try this! Stepping on the crow ↓ strength alone is not enough.

It also needs to open the hip.

Humans can’t stop the crow…

Locust scorpion ↓ the spine is extremely flexible! Raised lightning ↓ what a soft back bend! The ultimate variant of the side panel type ↓ requires core, arm strength, flexibility and hip opening.

The bow type landing on the top of the head ↓ is like head handstand and back bending.

Is this posture so tangled? Lotus head handstand ↓ I’d better practice head handstand ~ frog style ↓ it looks painful, but it’s good for stretching the front of the thigh.

Try it? Head handstand variant ↓ how can you feel neck pain when looking at it? Lotus handstand ↓ handstand, and then turn the lotus on both legs! 8-character balanced support ↓ arm balance and torsion.

If you can’t do it well, you will really eat a dog and eat mud…

Yoga is a lifelong practice! The road of yoga is long and long.

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