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How to open a yoga studio to talk about different industry cooperation and learn to talk one by one!

In the market with serious product homogeneity in the yoga industry, developing new ways to expand customers is a problem that every yoga studio owner should consider.

As the owner of the yoga hall, Tuoke basically knows to compete with his peers.

Changing the members of his peers into members of his own hall is a fast path for Tuoke.

Different industry cooperation is often ignored by the owner.

In fact, different industry cooperation is one of the breakthrough points for the owner to break the inherent thinking of expanding customers! Different industry cooperation is a marketing strategy to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance market competitiveness by sharing resources in marketing.

Its core is to achieve resource sharing and win-win situation.

So what should yoga studios think about before looking for different industry cooperation? 01 as an industry with a large proportion of female users, when looking for target businesses, first look for businesses with a large proportion of female users, and then look for businesses with complementary resources and no competitive relationship.

Such as beauty, manicure, health salon, medical beauty and other businesses.

02 yoga studio has its own advantages.

The so-called cooperation is the right partner.

So what are the advantages of your own yoga studio? You should have self-knowledge and be more comfortable when talking about cooperation.

For example: how many members are there in the yoga club? What are the promotion channels of yoga hall? What is the teacher level of yoga studio? wait……

As long as we can highlight the strength of the yoga studio.

03 purpose of different industry cooperation before discussing different industry cooperation, we should first consider whether the purpose is to expand customers or brand promotion.

Different purposes lead to different replacement conditions for cooperation.

Purpose: to expand customers and cooperate with other businesses is to attract the customer resources of cooperative merchants to enter the store experience, so as to realize the transformation of members.

So the condition of replacement is the exchange of experience cards, For example, we can talk about cooperation as follows: “Hello, I’m XXX from XX yoga studio.

Our yoga studio is opened near you, just in XXX.

It has opened XXXX, with a total of XXX members.

The level of teachers is among the best in the surrounding yoga studios.

I want to talk about cooperation with you.

I’m XX from XX Yoga studio.

We opened a yoga studio near XX, with a total of about XX high-quality young female members.

I want to talk about cooperation with you, complement each other’s advantages and promote the development of both sides.

Let’s go deeper Understand, can you? ” After that, go straight to the purpose.

The experience card is presented to each other to attract potential customers to the store for experience.

For both sides, it will not only increase the number of members, but also greatly improve their respective revenue and achieve a win-win situation.

Objective: brand promotion is very important for brand promotion.

The integration of multiple channels can make the brand face the market more quickly, so as to promote it step by step.

Both sides of the cooperation use the existing channels for brand publicity and exposure, which is simply to replace the advertising space of both sides, so as to expand the brand popularity of both sides.

For example, online channels: public official account, small red book, community, friends circle and other platforms.

Offline channels: exhibition shelves, leaflets, honor walls (which can be displayed in the form of plaque awarded to cooperative merchants), etc.

In this highly competitive market, if the yoga studio still stays in the thinking of a single traditional marketing channel, it is very difficult to become bigger and stronger.

In the era of resource sharing, reducing costs, heating together and realizing win-win cooperation can bring more opportunities for the development of yoga hall industry and better development.

For more details about the operation of yoga hall, welcome to exchange and study together, so that the operation can avoid detours and create the future of yoga..

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