Yoga for so long, difficult asanas still can’t be done? You should practice these 16 movements often!

Source: Yoga honey (ID: yogasexy) do yoga partners have such questions: why can’t I do this difficult pose after practicing for so long? How come others have only practiced for a year, and these actions are easy to catch? That’s because: whether you can do difficult asanas or not has nothing to do with your specific yoga practice for several years.

The key lies in your own practice content and so on.

After all, under the same conditions, what do you think of the effect and result of one person practicing once a week and one person practicing once a day? The most important thing is to master more efficient postures, including arms, back and core.

Strengthen the arm & core 1.

The inclined plate & variant heel pushes the thigh back, and the muscle is tightened.

Change from the support of both hands and slowly straighten one arm.

The body should always maintain a straight line.


The four pillar big arm should be kept at right angles to the small arm and parallel to the ground.


Push the body back with both hands in the upward dog style and slowly straighten the arm and lift the legs off the ground.

4 Push the buttocks of the downward dog up the thigh and keep the heel off the ground.

Keep the arm straight so that the body presents an inverted “V” shape.


Elbow support plate 6.

Step down the heel with the lower half arm of the downward dog.


The downward dog variant bends the left knee to close the left knee to the inner side of the thigh.

On the contrary, 8.

Open the side support body to the right and keep the body straight ahead for 5-8 breaths, and strengthen the back and arms on the other side.

9 Locust & variant: lie prone on the cushion surface, put your hands on both sides of your body, lift your legs back and up, try to close your legs to the middle, exhale again, open your chest, extend the back of your neck, look ahead, extend your arms forward, and then slowly open to both sides in a Y-shape, open your hands on both sides in a T-shape, extend your arms backward, and keep breathing for 3-5 times.

Repeat exercise 10-11.

Table + anti inclined plate, put your arms on the back of your body, Perpendicular to the ground, the legs are separated by the same width as the hips, lift the hips upward, then straighten the legs in turn, enter the anti inclined plate to exhale, open the chest and bend back, and extend the head backward.


Half handstand against the wall.

Start from the sitting position, extend the legs to the wall, and slowly walk up the wall until the hips are vertical to the ground.

The feet push the wall hard, keep 3-5 breaths, and walk down with both feet to strengthen the legs.


Stand in mountain style with high bow, Open your legs about 90 feet above the right leg, turn right foot outward to the top of the knee, turn right, bend right knee, do not over the toes, raise the left foot heel, straighten your left leg and raise your head up 14, soldier 3 official account: Yoga honey mountain style arm lift, palm is relative shoulder width, fold the body from hip and lift the left leg and left leg parallel to the ground, tiptoe back hook, heel push push right foot push, right leg vertical ground, arms and spine extend 15.

Half moon chest and hip open, turn to the left knee, point the left toe to the left, push the left heel and left arm to find the sky, push the right finger tip to the ground, push the right foot to the ground, and straighten the right leg 16.

Side corner mountain stand, open the appropriate distance of both feet, turn the left foot outward 90 degrees, exhale from the left heel to the arch of the right foot, bend the left knee, inhale in a straight line between the knee and the toe, hold both hands flat and exhale, and bend the body to the left, Put your left elbow on your thigh and your right arm between your ears.

Keep breathing for 5-8 hours..

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