Yoga masochism 8 asanas: learn more than three, have lost weight successfully, and become a slim woman!

Yoga masochistic abdominal 8 postures, learn more than three, have been successful in losing weight and become a slim woman! It is said that losing weight is a very difficult thing.

In fact, we haven’t found a suitable method.

Many sisters want to lose weight quickly, but they are reluctant to exercise.

It would be great if they could restore with one click like the computer system.

However, such an idea is unrealistic.

To know that obesity is gradually formed, weight loss still needs to be done slowly.

If you take the measures of exercise to lose weight and do it unremittingly, you will naturally succeed in losing weight and will not rebound.

Here are some yoga abdominal masochism postures.

Sisters who want to lose weight can have a try.

Asana 1: Essentials of prone support action: 1.

Enter in four column style, support the ground with both arms and point the toes of both feet to the ground.


Alternate left and right legs on the stage.


The left and right sides are divided into a group of 5-10 times each time.

Asana 2: supine leg kicking 1.

Lie on your back on the ground with your arms around your head.


Bend your legs up and straighten your insteps forward.


Both legs cooperate with breathing to do dynamic exercises of straightening and recovery.


Practice 10-20 times each time, depending on your physical fitness.

Asana 3: supine split leg exercise.

On the basis of the previous movement, change the posture of both legs.

Keep the legs parallel to the ground and do dynamic exercises of separation and close together with breathing.

This posture can also be used for static practice.

Keep your legs apart and keep your posture for a long time.

Asana 4: lie on your back with straight legs, turn your legs into a straight state, and you can also do static and dynamic exercises.

During dynamic practice, pay attention to the soothing, natural and smooth movement, and cooperate with the breathing rhythm.

When doing static exercises, keep your posture as long as possible.

Asana 5: when you finish the above exercises in rolling style, you must feel a little tired.

Then bend your legs up and rest in a position.

If your physical fitness allows, you can continue to do rolling exercises here.

Asana 6: after a short rest, straighten your legs upward.

Alternate left and right legs and do scissors leg dynamic exercises.

When practicing, try to increase the range of action and cooperate with even breathing.

Asana 7: lower your legs and keep them at 30-60 degrees from the ground.

Alternate your legs to do a dynamic exercise of kicking one leg forward and one leg backward.

The number of exercises depends on your physical fitness.

If you feel a little tired, go back to lying down and rest.

After you recover your strength, do the following hip bridge exercises.

Pose 8: hip bridge.

The key of hip bridge is to lift your hips up and form a bridge.

The specific method is: inhale – lift up, exhale – fall down.

Repeat this for 10-20 times, and then return to the lying down position to rest.

For the above abdominal abuse movements, those with good physical fitness can practice all of them, while those with poor physical fitness can choose several of them.

Each time you practice 3-5 movements, as long as you stick to it, your dream of losing weight will become a reality.

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