Yoga scripture – Bhagavad Gita – BG three point two nine

Bhagavad-g ī t ā In this material world, everyone must engage in some kind of activity.

However, activities can not only bind people in this world, but also free people from it.

Acting selflessly to please the supreme can make people get rid of the law of karma and obtain transcendental knowledge about themselves and the supreme.


3.29प्रकृतेर्गुणसम्मूढाःसज्ज‍न्तेगुणकर्मसु।तानकृत्स्नविदोमन्दान्कृत्स्नविन्नविचालयेत्॥२९॥prakṛterguṇa-samm ū ḍh ā ḥsajjanteguṇa-karmasut ā nakṛtsna-vidomand ā nkṛtsna-vinnavic ā layetSynonymsprakṛteḥ —ofmaterialnature;  guṇa—bythemodes;  samm ū ḍh ā ḥ —befooledbymaterialidentification;  sajjante —theybecomeengaged;  guṇa-karmasu —inmaterialactivities;  t ā n —those;  akṛtsna-vidaḥ—personswithapoorfundofknowledge;  mand ā n —lazytounderstandself-realization;  kṛtsna-vit —onewhoisinfactualknowledge;  na —not;  vic ā layet —shouldtrytoagitate.



Ignorant people are confused by the natural attributes of material, indulge in material activities and develop perseverance.

Although the lack of knowledge performs low duties, the learned should not disturb their hearts.

Gist: ignorant people mistakenly identify with vulgar material perception, and their minds are full of material names.

The body is a gift given by material nature.

People who are too attached to body perception are called lazy people who can’t solve their soul.

Ignorant people regard the body as themselves, so they regard the physical connection with others as kinship, the place of birth as the object of worship, and the procedure of religious ceremony as the purpose.

These people who live in the material concept engage in social welfare, nationalism and altruism.

Under the cover of material fame, these people are busy in the material field.

In their eyes, spiritual awareness is just a myth, so they are not interested at all.

Those inspired by spiritual life had better engage in their spiritual activities silently and do not disturb those who are addicted to material life.

These confused people may also abide by some basic moral principles of life, such as not using violence and engaging in similar material charity activities.

Ignorant people cannot understand the activities related to Krishna’s perception, so Lord Krishna warned us not to disturb them, so as not to waste our precious.

However, the devotees of the Supreme Lord are more merciful than the Supreme Lord because they understand the purpose of the Supreme Lord.

They even approached ignorant people and risked all kinds of risks to make them engage in activities related to Krishna consciousness, because these activities are essential to human beings. Simple life – noble thoughts have places to worship and serve 💕 There will be no material pollution Srila prabhupadasaid “one has to be environmentally friendly and continuously hear.” Srila GurudevaKi-Jay!! YourServant BhaktinChloe WeChat swept the official account of the public number -.

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