47 year old Jia Jingwen takes exercise photos! Challenge difficult yoga movements, show the perfect curve with standard posture

On May 26, jiajingwen posted the latest fitness video on the social platform, with the accompanying text: “after practicing yoga for a while, I can finally start the self handstand I most want.

During this period, I must have a good fitness.

Physical and mental health is very important.” In the video aired, Jia Jingwen wears a sports jacket and fitness pants, wears a simple ball head, and is learning self Handstand on a yoga mat.

The muscle lines of her abdomen and legs are already very obvious.

She is very tight and has a very good figure.

She doesn’t look like a mother at all.

Although the whole video doesn’t show a face, this figure alone is enough for fans to lick the screen.

However, because I just started to try Handstand on my own, I was unstable in my center of gravity for several times and almost fell down.

Fortunately, I successfully completed it under the guidance of my teacher.

Jiajingwen holds her elbows on the ground, and all other body parts are suspended in the air.

Her insteps are also stretched straight.

Her movements look very standard, and her core strength is amazing.

Previously, Jia Jingwen also took many gym photos and challenged difficult movements.

At that time, even with the help of a coach, she was still struggling to do handstand in the air, so this time it was a very obvious progress.

It seems that she did what she said and kept punching in.

Besides, at the age of 47, she is in such a good state that apart from maintaining self-discipline, she is also inseparable from a happy family life.

After she married xiujiekai, she also gave birth to two lovely daughters.

She was quiet and beautiful, and boniu was cute.

Both sisters inherited their mother’s high looks.

With her husband’s love and three daughters, it’s no wonder that she is in such a good state.

At the same time, her acting career has also reached a new peak in the past two years.

After becoming the queen of Admiralty TV with the drama “the distance between us and evil”, and after winning the Golden Horse Film with the drama “waterfall”, her career has already turned upside down against the wind, and she has been a winner in her life.

I wish their family happiness forever and look forward to jiajingwen bringing more and better works! Statement: the picture comes from the Internet.

If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it.

Thank you!..

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