A yoga pose with open shoulders and open hips, you shouldn’t miss

Add a circle of friends around teachers on wechat ~ shoulders and hips are the two largest joints in the human body and the two joints that are most prone to stiffness.

Especially for modern people who are sedentary and facing computers and mobile phones, shoulders and hips are particularly tight.

Today, I recommend a pose to help open the shoulders and hips.

This is the variant of the following pose, baby hugging.

Start with the baby holding pose, bend the left leg, then bend the right leg, keep the right foot hooked back, put the right heel on the left elbow, turn the right hand around the back of the head, cross buckle the right hand with the four fingers of the left hand, push the right elbow backward, pull the left ankle close to the chest and straighten the spine for 3-5 minutes.

Change the side.

Simple variant: simple baby holding pose, keep the left leg straight, bend the right leg, put the outside of the right foot on the left elbow, and put the right knee on the right elbow, straighten the spine, Keep the lower leg close to the chest for 3-5 minutes.

If you bend the lower leg on the other side, it is easier to straighten the spine.

Don’t underestimate the simple posture.

In fact, practice the efficacy of bar drops.

This posture can be arranged into the sequence course of hip opening and shoulder opening.


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