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Seven Yoga hip opening movements can be practiced while sitting at home. It’s so convenient!

Focus on “Yoga topic” in blue “When practicing yoga, hip tension is a major factor hindering the progress of many practitioners.

In order to open their hips, many practitioners often practice some horizontal and vertical forks, and these postures need strong physical flexibility.

Sometimes improper practice will cause injury! Today, they share 7 yoga movements, which can be practiced while sitting at home.

This practice can easily help you open your hips, which is very practical! Action 1: sitting, inhaling, right hip external rotation, right foot Put your back on the inside of your left knee to exhale, tighten your core, lean forward slightly, stay for 10-12 breaths, and exchange your left and right legs.

Action 2: sitting position, bend your knees and put your right foot above, and your left leg enters the cow face inhale below.

Bend your elbow on your left hand and exhale around your right forearm.

Tighten your core and ribs, stay for 10-12 breaths, and change to the other side.

Action 3: sitting position, rotate your hips outward, breathe in the palms of your feet relative to each other, sit down, extend your spine, exhale, and tighten the core, Stay for 1-2 minutes action 4: lie on your back, bend your knees, grasp the soles of your feet with both hands, enter the happy baby exhale, tighten the core, put your lower back on the ground, relax your shoulders, stay for 1-2 minutes action 5: inhale, rotate your right hip outward, rotate your left hip inward, exhale, tighten the core, twist your body to the right, put your elbows on the ground, keep your forearms on the ground for 10-12 breaths, change to the other side action 6: lie on your back, bend your knees, lift up and inhale, rotate your left hip outward, Press the instep of the foot against the right thigh to exhale, tighten the core, hold the right leg with both hands for 1-2 minutes, and exchange the other side action 7: sitting position, inhale, exhale horizontally with both legs apart, tighten the core, and lean forward slightly for 1-2 minutes..

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