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Yoga can help you further release your masculinity

In modern society, men are under great pressure and often have nowhere to release.

Yoga is a kind of calming exercise, which can regulate the nervous system, so as to eliminate tension and cultivate the mind; And most modern men need to drink and socialize around, and gradually develop an ugly beer belly, which has become a major worry for most male friends, and yoga can help male friends eliminate this worry.

Look1: enhance strength and build a body.

Men practice yoga more powerful than women, giving Yoga another beauty.

Scorpion pose, first make the head inverted, bend the knees of both legs forward, make the lower leg and thigh into a 90 degree bend, pay attention to the instep and lower leg into a straight line, raise your head slightly, and look straight ahead.

Male friends look very powerful when they do this pose.

After standing in mountain pose, the right hand bypasses the right part close to the buttocks from the inside of the large picture, slowly lift the right leg and hold the right foot with the left hand until the right leg is straight and the body cannot be bent too much.

Variation of scorpion style: after making corresponding actions according to the requirements of scorpion style 1, straighten your legs and then stretch forward.

First, make the head inverted, form the tripod between the arms and the head, slowly straighten the right hand to form a 45 degree angle with the ground, slowly reduce the center of gravity, bend the legs, and then gradually straighten the right leg to make the right foot close to the right hand, keep the root of the left leg thigh in the same line with the right leg, and form a 45 degree angle with the root of the thigh below the knee.

Look2: male and female collocation, yin and Yang complement each other, male and female double yoga, the masculinity of men and the softness of women complement each other.

First of all, after the person in front makes a split action, his body leans forward and sticks to the ground, keeping his arms parallel and close to the ground.

The person in the back takes the palm as the support point to make the scorpion’s first transformation.

The person in front of the horse splits, the left leg remains motionless, the part below the knee of the right leg is bent upward to 90 degrees with the knee as the fulcrum, grasp the right foot with the right hand, keep the back upright, and tilt the head back as close as possible to the toe; The left palm of the person behind is close to the ground, with the aid of the right hand, slowly support the body at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal plane, pay attention to keep the body in a straight line, and then bend the left leg until the thigh is perpendicular to the ground, and the lower leg is parallel to the right leg.

Male and female double yoga, one left and one right, the action on the right is to bend and extend the spine of one leg forward, start in an upright position, keep the back straight, slowly bend down until the palm can be close to the ground, then bypass the left hand from the inside of the left leg to the tip of the left foot, keep it stable, and then slowly lift the right foot until it is straight.

Pay attention to the whole action that the legs cannot be bent; The action on the left is the transformation of the king of dance style.

After the standing action is completed, gradually transfer the center of gravity to the left leg, hold the ankle of the right foot with the right hand, slowly lift the right foot back to the same line as the left leg, and finally slowly extend the left arm forward to form a 30 degree angle with the head.

It is suggested that girls do the action on the right and boys do the action on the left.

The whole looks like there will be no sense of disobedience.

First, kneel down on your lower legs, bend your body forward and close to the ground, put your arms naturally on your ears, slowly straighten your legs upward, gradually transfer your weight to your arms, lift your legs vigorously from your waist and abdomen, bend your legs forward until your legs are parallel to the ground, keep your right leg horizontal, bend your left leg backward, and pay attention to straightening your legs.

Just do the same on the other side.

Look3: it has a variety of male photo poses, indoor and outdoor, single and double photo poses are also available.

In the two handed pigeon King pose, first, the person on the right makes the body sit on the lower leg, the right leg bends forward, the right leg below the knee should be in front of the body, the thigh root is on the side of the body, and the body center of gravity moves forward to stretch the waist, lift the position below the left leg knee upward, and grasp the left foot with both hands to complete the personal action at the same time.

The person on the left makes the mirror action following the right.

Hand handstand Transformation: after making the handstand, slowly move the center of gravity down, fold the legs back from the hips, straighten the left leg, and bend the right leg at the knee as the dividing point until the belly of the leg is close to the thigh.

In the prone position, gradually lift the legs, transfer the center of gravity to the palm, and then slowly curl up the legs.

The left leg wraps around the outside of the left arm, and then make the toe close to the inside of the right hand, and the right leg wraps around the top of the head from the shoulder.

Make push ups, use the waist strength to slowly lift the body up to complete the handstand position, load the bend, and then slowly bend the legs to reduce the center of gravity.

The legs are at right angles with the knee as the angle, and the body is in a straight line with the thigh root of the left leg and perpendicular to the thigh root of the right leg.

After reading these groups of yoga poses, do male friends feel very excited? Call a friend or other half to act quickly-.

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