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Yoga pigeon like this practice, super feel!

Chinese Name: pigeon style English Name: one legged Royal pigeonpose Sanskrit Name: ekapada rajakapotasana Eka means “one”, Pada means “feet and legs”, Raja means “king, King’s”, and kapota means “dove, pigeon”.

Asana efficacy: strengthen the thighs and lower legs, make the leg muscles strong and elastic, and shape the leg curve.

At the same time, this action involves the external rotation and extension of the hip, which is also a good help to the pelvic blood circulation.

Women especially need to practice more! From the effect of asana, we can know that regular practice of pigeon pose can beautify the leg lines and is also very beneficial to the female pelvic cavity.

Especially before going to bed at night, it can also alleviate the fatigue of the day! Today, I share several auxiliary exercises of pigeon style, which can not only flexibly exercise the hips, but also open the shoulders and repair energy.

It’s very practical! 1 as shown in the above figure, if the pigeon pose based on 1.2 wants to increase the comfort of the pose, you can pad two yoga pillows under the body.

2 what to do if the hips are different in height during practice? You can practice with the help of pillows or yoga bricks to maintain the upright position and increase the comfort of the pose.

3 for the instep People with tight ankles can pad Yoga pillows under their lower legs, which can well reduce the pressure on the instep.


Add torsion on the basis of pigeon pose, which can not only open the shoulders, but also increase the flexibility of the spine.


The last auxiliary practice method can also stretch the front of the thigh.

The above actions start from the right side.

After practice, pay attention to the left side.

It is recommended to stay for 1-2 minutes for each pose.

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