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108 times of Yoga sun worship: is it worth trying?

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If you have participated in Vinyasa Yoga (process), you may have practiced suryanamaskar.

Through repeated movement and breathing, the Sun Salutation helps to establish the connection between your mind and body.

If you want to improve your sun worship experience, please try 108 times (yes, 108!) Experience an unforgettable experience in the sun worship ceremony.

“Sun worship can warm your body and concentrate your mind,” explained e-ryt500, M.A., annswanson, a yoga therapist and author of Yoga Science.

Yoga students at all levels can incorporate 108 Sun Salutation series into their practice.

How to do 108 times of Sun Salutation? You must walk before running.

Similarly, you must do one time of Sun Salutation before you can do 108 times.

Although different genres of yoga have different rules on the asana of the sun worship, they basically include the following asanas: mountain pose, forward bend, flat, up dog, down dog.

Yoga sun worship is generally divided into three types: traditional Hatha sun worship twelve types (12 movements, one for each side), sun worship a type (9 movements), and sun worship B type (17 movements).

Simply put, yoga sun worship is the foundation and warm-up of yoga.

Of course, many people practice the Sun Salutation 108 times alone.

If you keep practicing the Sun Salutation every day and increase the times step by step, it will be very good for your body and lay a foundation for more advanced yoga asanas.

You can choose a version you like and keep practicing every day.

It is excellent for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

The most taboo in yoga practice is not the rigidity of the body, but the stubbornness to challenge new postures.

Generally, beginners feel that sun worship is boring and seems boring.

For example, when practicing dancing, the teacher asks you to practice basic skills repeatedly every day, such as splitting legs and lowering your waist.

In fact, it is to let you lay a good foundation, first practice the foundation solidly, and then you can safely enter the next step.

The following yoga choreography explains the steps of the traditional Hatha sun worship pose in detail: 1.

Prayer practice: stand in the mountain pose with the palms folded together and the thumbs lightly touching the chest to see the front.


Inhale with the arms raised up, lift the arms to the side of the head, straighten the fingertips, and lengthen the waist.


Stand and bend and exhale, fold the abdomen from the hips, close to the thighs, and put both hands on both sides of the feet.


Exhale in the horse riding style, take a big step backward, and point the right foot to the ground, Straighten your right leg and keep your left leg vertical to the ground.


Inhale in an inclined plate.

Take a big step backward with your left foot parallel to your right foot, shoulder to the top of your wrist.

Straighten your legs and hands and tighten your abdomen.

Your body is in a straight line.


Exhale in a four column style, bend your elbows and lower your body to half.

Enter the four column style.


Inhale in a snake style with an eye mirror.

Your head drives your body forward through the instep and slightly bends your arms.


Lift your chest up.

Exhale in a downward dog style, and point your toes, Push your hips up with both hands, straighten your knees and arms, put your heels on the ground, press down your shoulders, turn your tailbone to the ceiling, inhale, and move your right foot forward between your hands.


Return to the horse riding exhalation, and move your left foot forward parallel to your right foot.


Enter the standing forward bending and inhaling, and your hands drive your spine to extend upward.


Return to the arm raising exhalation, and gently close your palms.


Return to the prayer pose to this point, After mastering 108 techniques of traditional Hatha sun worship, if you decide to try 108 times.

Read the following tips to learn how to customize this series of exercises to your needs.

There are many poses that you may not be fully qualified for, so please follow the suggestions below to add diversity to your Sun Salutation.

I suggest that you write them down in advance so that you are ready to mix them in practice.

Do baby pose instead of downward dog pose add a twist to your forward fold consider substituting cat cow pose for upward dog pose upward dog pose may consider lowering your knees do Cobra pose slowly and steadily win the race – it also applies to yoga.

It takes time to do 108 sun salutations, so it takes at least 90 minutes to practice.

Taking part in a class practice may put you at risk of injury and divert your attention from the current moment to the “finish line”.

Although the marathon is about speed, the 108 times of Sun Salutation is not about speed.

Training it I suggest that even if you are an experienced yogi, you may want to practice the sun worship 108 times to train your body.

Start with a sun salutation and add it again at each practice.

If you have incorporated several Sun Salutation exercises into your daily practice, please continue to increase the number of exercises to test your comfort.

Tracking time doesn’t matter, but the number of actions does matter.

If you want to finish this exercise with the teacher, you are very lucky.

Your teacher will calculate all 108 times of the Sun Salutation for you.

If you are practicing alone, you need to find a way to keep track of your calculations without distractions.

You can try this: write 5 sets of exercise options of multiple of number 5 on a piece of paper until 105 times (of course, adding 3 will reach 108).

Tick each set of five exercises.

Swanson suggests repeating “the number in your head every time you breathe.”.

This will prevent your mind from wandering.

Place two bowls on top of the mat.

Place 27 beads or seeds in a bowl.

The other doesn’t let go of anything.

Each time you complete a round, transfer a bead from the full bowl to the empty bowl.

Repeat four times..

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