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30 minute morning yoga sequence, clear your intestines, and keep practicing to make you younger!

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Self discipline allows people to freely believe in the miracle of getting up early.

Wake up the sleeping soul with yoga and activate the internal positive energy.

Today, Xiaobian shares a 30 minute morning yoga sequence.

All postures maintain 5~8 breaths.

Come together.


Vajra sit simply on the cushion and relax the shoulders.

The spine extends and adjusts the breath for 2-3 minutes.


Downward dog style shoulders relax.

The shoulders are far away from the ears and the spine extends.

The sitting bones are upward.


Inclined plate shoulders are vertical and the wrists tighten the gluteal muscles Core start inner thigh 04.

Side board type right hand support, hip bone lifting, left hand pointing to the ceiling, tightening inner thigh and changing to the other side exercise 05.

Elbow board support, two elbows support the ground 06.

Single leg dolphin type open armpit, left hand support, right leg up and changing to the other side exercise 07.

Half god monkey strides right leg forward, hip straightening, left thigh vertical to the ground and changing to the other side exercise 08.

Strengthen side extension type hip straightening, body bending forward and inhaling, Exhale with your abdomen close to your thighs as much as possible, relax your shoulders and change to the other side 09.

In the double angle pose, separate your legs, point one leg in front of your toes, hold your hips with both hands, bend your body forward and grasp your big toes with both hands 10.

In the king of dance pose, your left leg supports the ground, your right leg lifts back, and your right hand grasps the instep back to the other side 11.

In the downward dog pose, return to the downward dog pose 12.

In the half dove pose, step your right leg forward, and put your hips straight, and the core retracts slightly to Sit and stand with the back of both legs bent forward, the hands extended upward, and the pelvis bent forward.


In the toe binding type, the palms of both feet extend upward relative to the heels close to the perineum spine, and the shoulders relax and stay for 3-5 minutes.

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