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After practicing these 10 Yoga asanas, your hips will be cocked up! (dynamic diagram)

Gluteal muscle weakness is not only unsightly, but also affects the function, such as pelvic instability, low back pain and other problems will follow.

So there are many ways to raise your hips and activate your gluteal muscles, except for squatting.

For example, the following 10 actions, keep practicing, and your hips will naturally be full and upturned! Action 1.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, keep your knees the same width as your hips, keep your heels close to your hips, exhale, keep your hips up and your hips inward, keep on the ground for 2 breaths, and repeat 15 groups of exercise actions.


Lie on your back, bend your knees, keep your knees the same width as your hips, keep your right leg straight up, exhale vertically on the ground, keep your hips up, and feel the dynamic tightening of your hips.

15 groups of exercise, change your left leg actions.


Start from the four corner kneeling position, keep your body stable and exhale, Lift the left leg up to the thigh and parallel to the ground for 15 groups of dynamic exercises.

Change the right leg action.


Sit in a sitting position, straighten the legs forward, hold the palm fingertips forward behind the hips, exhale, lift the hips up, and keep the body in a straight line for 3 seconds before landing.

15 groups of dynamic exercises.


Continue to maintain core stability from the previous action, and lift and bend the heels of the left knee on the hips and close to the hips.

There are 30 groups of alternating exercises.


Start from the hip bridge, The hip raises the body to the knee and raises the right foot in a straight line.

The right knee finds the chest and legs to practice alternately.

There are 30 groups of actions.


Starting from the hip bridge, the hip lifts the right foot back close to the hip, the toes support the ground, then the left foot repeats, and then back to the starting position.

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