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Chinese mothers’ height anxiety can be solved by yoga, with an average length of 4~8 cm | Yoga physiotherapy

/NO.119 (click to learn via audio) Yoga physiotherapy 119 | Carrie 124※ recently, a news about parents spending hundreds of thousands of yuan on growth hormone growth for their children was hot searched.

The height of a child affects the hearts of every parent.

The price of growth hormone is very high.

It costs 50000 to 60000 for one dose, and it takes 2 to 5 years for a dozen.

Although it is expensive, many parents are willing to pay for their children’s height.

So can you grow to your ideal height after playing growth hormone? The answer, of course, is not necessarily.

The mainstream view in the academic circles holds that “50%~70% of a person’s height is determined by genes.

Although genetic factors account for seven points, there are still three points to strive for”.

Genetic height also has upper and lower limits.

These three points are also very important.

A person’s genetic height has upper and lower limits, and the difference between the upper and lower limits is 4~8 cm, which is a big difference for a person.

Proper exercise is very important for children’s growth.

Big research shows that “the average height of children who exercise is 2~3 cm higher than that of children who do not exercise, because proper exercise can enhance bone metabolism and stimulate the growth of epiphyseal plate”.

Posture correction is also very important for children.

Posture can also affect the height of several centimeters, and even spinal deformation can affect the height of 1-5 centimeters.

Growth hormone is the key to height growth.

Yoga regulating hormone height development is regulated by growth hormone and thyroid hormone.

Head handstand and shoulder handstand in yoga can regulate the balance of growth hormone and thyroid hormone and maintain the normal level of hormone.

Therefore, the height of a child who practices yoga from an early age will reach her height limit.

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