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The mystery of yoga postures | “corpse raising posture” is to let you lie down and sleep like a corpse? Then you learn yoga in vain!

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Anyone who has taken yoga classes once or twice knows that at the end of a class, the last asana must be the “body lifting posture”.

Misunderstanding of “body straightening” is that “body straightening” makes you lie down and sleep like a corpse? For many beginners of yoga, the body posture is really too simple.

It is not difficult to practice at all.

Just like a corpse, lying on a yoga mat and sleeping with your eyes closed? It is undoubtedly wrong to think so.

The seemingly simple corpse raising posture is not simple at all.

It looks like a corpse posture in sleep.

In fact, it has nothing to do with sleep.

Strong suggestions from yoga teachers: at the end of yoga practice, you must do the body posture.

It doesn’t even matter if you do a few of other yoga poses.

The reason has something to do with the meaning and function of the corpse raising posture.

What is “corpse raising posture”? The light of Hatha Yoga says: lying on the ground like a corpse is called “corpse raising posture”.

The posture of raising the corpse is to make us enter the state of “death” symbolically like the corpse.

Our body and mind slowly disintegrated.

In the ignorance and unconsciousness of peace, we realized that once life left, the body would be static, there would be no more movement, the mind would be peaceful, and the body and mind would be peaceful.

The meaning of the “upright posture” is not simply lying down.

Yoga master Iyengar wrote in the light of Yoga: taming the Qi of life depends on nerves.

In the absence of any violent movement of the body, a stable, smooth, subtle and deep breath can relieve nerves and calm the spirit.

The best antidote to the oppression of human nerves caused by modern civilization is the body straightening posture.

It can be seen that the upright posture is not simply lying down.

While doing this pose, our body does not move, but our brain is always in a meditative state, and our breath should be far-reaching and smooth.

The posture of sticking out the corpse is not a superfluous posture in yoga.

The modern fast-paced life has caused great pressure on our body, brain and nervous system.

The body straightening posture can just bring us relaxation.

The function of the “body straightening posture” is to maintain youth, health and longevity.

Regular practice of the “body straightening posture” can effectively stimulate the “parasympathetic nervous system” and close the sympathetic nervous system, thus helping the body release the long-term accumulated physical fatigue and mental pressure.

The more active the parasympathetic nervous system is, the more effectively the body can play the functions required for health and longevity, such as digestion and repair.

In the state of relaxing body and mind, through breathing, relaxation, meditation and other exercises, the turbid Qi in the body is discharged, so that the high-speed brain can run slowly, get rest and relaxation, the muscles of the whole body are no longer tight, and the body and mind are relieved.

Enhance memory and keep the brain young.

The clear visualization practice in the corpse posture can make people more focused, effectively enhance memory, improve brain thinking activity, awaken and improve creativity, and keep the brain young.

To improve the perceptive ability of yoga practice, the body straightening posture is a scan of the whole body in the state of meditation, which can enhance your “perceptive ability” of various organs of the body, and effectively correct and control it.

The application of this perception to yoga practice will not only make yoga practice more effective and more experiential, but also avoid injury to practitioners.

In addition to the above effects, the body straightening posture at the end of the class can also relieve the pressure on the lumbar disc, restore body energy in a short time and make people energetic.

As the last step and the most critical step of yoga practice, it is not easy to practice the posture well.

The correct way for official account Yoga honeyed words to enter the “upright posture” ▼ 1.

Sit on the mat 2.

Bend your knees and step on the ground 3.

Support your hands behind both sides 4.

Let your spine lie down section by section ▼ 1.

If necessary, place the folded Yoga blanket under your head 2.

The edge of the Yoga blanket contacts your shoulders ▼ 1.

Relax all muscles 2.

Stretch forward and backward 3.

To better lengthen your spine 4.

Especially the lumbar spine ▼ 1.

Relax your hips 2 Stretch the head to both sides through the thigh muscles ▼ 1.

Adjust the head and put the occipital bone on the blanket 2.

Stretch the head to the top of the head ▼ 1.

Sink the shoulder 2.

Stretch the shoulder blades to both sides 3.

Stretch the shoulder blades to the feet ▼ 1.

Open the hands at an angle of 45 ° to the center line of the body ▼ 1.

Open the palms up and the soles of the feet to both sides 2.

If you feel more comfortable with your legs apart 3.

You can also separate the important push out posture that is the same width as the mat, Every yoga practitioner should pay attention to it.

Therefore, when it comes to the practice of the body straightening posture, you Jia people should not find any reason to roll up the mat and leave, but carefully finish the body straightening posture and let the body and mind be one at this moment.

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