There’s something new about Aladdin Yoga

In the post epidemic era, the influence of the general environment has given us a lot of thinking about life.

More and more people begin to turn from the outside to the inside, and begin to pay attention to their own health and physical and mental balance.

Health is the pursuit of a higher level of human consciousness.

Health must be the balance between body and mind.

The practice of Yoga lies in the control of mind and the vertical improvement of life quality.

But if there is something wrong with the body, it will hinder the progress of yoga.

Our body is the temple of our soul.

Just like a house, it needs careful maintenance, and the guests living in the house will be comfortable.

On the eighth anniversary of Aladdin, on the road of cultivating both body and mind, pleasing oneself and benefiting him, in order to make the Jiaren son better harvest the fruits of yoga, Ayurveda, a sister discipline of yoga, was introduced.

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is an ancient life science, which includes all stages of life from mother conception, baby birth, growth, aging and death, lifestyle, eating habits, external environment, seasonal health preservation, daily health preservation, physical exercise and spiritual growth.

Understanding Ayurveda can help people better understand themselves, what kind of lifestyle and health preservation methods they should choose, and what kind of yoga practice is most suitable for them.

Ayurvedic body adjustment and Yoga Mind adjustment.

Ayurveda can help yoga practitioners enter yoga at their best.

The end of Ayurveda is yoga, and the starting point of yoga is Ayurveda.

Aladdin Yoga (Songgang store) will start the Ayurvedic physiotherapy project in July.

We will also establish an Ayurvedic community.

We will share more Ayurvedic knowledge and health tips in the community.

If you want to know about Ayurveda, you are welcome to join us-.

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