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Depression is not terrible. Science shows that these yoga poses can alleviate depression

Depression is a global disease.

With the continuous exploration of depression, researchers have provided a new treatment method, through training yoga to affect neural plasticity, and then promote the treatment of depression.

“Unknown brain psychology research society” brain volunteers continue to be recruited in 2022! In just one week, the number of recruits has exceeded the expected upper limit.

But naonao believes that as long as you have a passionate heart for public welfare and are willing to lend a helping hand to help our friends out of the psychological haze, we welcome you to join us! Here, brain will continue to share more scientific cutting-edge information and intervention methods in the field of treatment of depression, anxiety disorder and mental health, and introduce the living habits and eating patterns that promote brain health and mental health.

Because no one knows “ourselves” and understands “ourselves” better than “we”, brain also provides a platform for everyone to share their “valuable experience” to help each other and comfort each other.

We hope that through our efforts, we can contribute fresh ideas, research and innovate together, and finally iterate out products that “understand patients best” and “solve problems from the perspective of patients best”.

Join us to fight depression and anxiety~(.

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