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Health | “the harder the body, the older the person”! You need yoga to stretch

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In daily life, people often hear that the stiffer the body, the older the person.

Is it true? The answer is true.

This is because with age, the bones, joints, ligaments and muscle tissues of the human body will slowly age, lose moisture and elasticity and become stiff.

For example, the bones of the elderly are very fragile.

If you fall carelessly, it is easy to break.

Yoga stretching can not only effectively replenish water for bones and joints (such as Yin Yoga), but also build elasticity for muscles (such as flow yoga, Astanga, etc.), but also further stimulate and promote the recovery and improvement of other functions of the body (such as breathing, glands, internal organs, etc.).

Therefore, proper yoga practice and keeping the body’s bones, joints and muscles hydrated and elastic can achieve the goal of keeping people young.

Today, I want to share 8 simple yin yoga moves.

If you want to keep young, you can practice more than 3 times a week for better results.


Kneel and stand on the mat in the squat posture with toes, feet and legs together, toes on the ground in front of feet, hips sitting on heels, hands on the front of legs for 1-2 minutes to dredge the meridians: spleen meridians, stomach meridians, liver meridians, gallbladder meridians benefits: open the space between toes and feet, extend ankles.


Stand in the suspended mountain posture, with feet separated and exhale at the same width as the hips, spine completely relaxed, roll forward and downward from the head, bend forward, and the head falls naturally, Hold elbows with both hands to dredge the meridians: bladder meridians and kidney meridians benefits: gently stretch the lumbar spine, massage the abdominal viscera, slow down the heart rate, and help the spinal nerve recover vitality.


Melt the heart four corner kneeling position on the cushion surface, extend both arms forward, and keep the forehead or chin point for 1-2 minutes to dredge the meridians: spleen meridians, stomach meridians, pericardium meridians, lung meridians, large intestine & small intestine meridians and other benefits: effectively stretch and open the shoulder joints and chest, Compress the joints and connective tissue of the upper back.


Butterfly sitting on the cushion, feet close together or exhale slightly apart, spine completely relaxed, bend forward and downward, arms extended forward to dredge the meridians: liver and kidney meridians benefits: effectively stretch the inner side of both legs, help open the hips, nourish the pelvis, relax the waist and back.


Frog kneeling on the cushion, torso bent forward, hands supporting in the front of the body, slowly and controllably open the legs to both sides, straighten the arms or bend the elbows, Or extend the arm forward for 1-2 minutes to dredge the meridians: liver, spleen and kidney meridians benefits: deeply extend the groin and inner thigh, open the hips, promote digestion, and improve menstrual cramps.


Sit on the cushion with your legs straight, put your right foot on the outside of your left hip to enter the half shoelace pose, keep it for 1-2 minutes, bend your left knee, put your left foot on the outside of your right hip, and straighten or bend your spine forward to enter the shoelace pose, keep it for 1-2 minutes, Change the other side to dredge the meridians: liver meridians, spleen meridians, gallbladder meridians, bladder meridians benefits: stretch the back of the legs, relax the waist and back, retract the hips, and reduce sciatica.


Happy baby practice method: lie on your back, bend your knees close to the abdomen, open your legs slightly larger than your hips, hold your feet with both hands, and dredge the meridians for 1-2 minutes: bladder meridians, kidney meridians, and liver meridians benefits: effectively massage and relax the lower back, open your hips, Nourish abdominal organs.


From Swan pose / sleeping swan downward dog pose, bend the left knee with a big step forward, inhale with the left foot close to the hip, straighten the spine and enter Swan pose, exhale for 1-2 minutes, bend forward and enter sleeping swan pose for 1-2 minutes, and change the other side to dredge the meridians: liver meridians, kidney meridians, stomach meridians, gallbladder meridians.

Benefits: open the hip, stretch the quadriceps femoris and hip flexors, Source of relieving low back pain: please pay attention to the wechat platform of “Houpu Yoga academy” for yoga..

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