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How should women with thick thighs slim their legs? These yoga moves are worth trying!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Every day for 5 minutes to become slim body maintenance tips, have a good body, how to look good, official account, the official account has been banned, his upper body is not fat, but his legs are particularly thick, especially on the outside of his thigh! If this posture occurs, it is mostly caused by long-term sedentary, slow blood circulation in the lower body, stagnation of the spleen and stomach and bladder channels! Stasis in the spleen stomach and bladder channels will lead to body toxins and excess water metabolism, resulting in fat and edema in both legs! Today, I’ll share some leg beautifying actions.

Persistent practice can dredge the spleen stomach meridian and bladder meridian, and make your legs longer and longer as you practice! 01.

Downward dog pose.

Enter downward dog pose.

Keep the spine extended.

Feel the extension of the back of the thigh.

Stop for 5-8 breaths.


Crescent pose.

Enter crescent pose.

Keep the left leg in front, hips upright.

Inhale, hands up, spine extended.

Stop for 8 breaths.


Semi God monkey pose.

Enter semi God monkey pose.

Center of gravity backward, right leg straight, toes hooked back.

Left thigh vertical to the ground, Straighten the hips, extend the spine, stay for 10 breaths, and then switch sides 04.

Bend the back of both legs forward.

Sit in a standing position, straighten both legs.

Inhale, extend the spine.

Exhale, tighten the core, and bend forward.

Stay for 10 breaths.

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