How to relax your shoulders and neck at home? These 9 shoulder neck yoga movements are very effective!

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Traditional Chinese medicine believes that shoulder and neck are the crossroads of human health! Because it supports our head, spreads all over the nervous system, and has our chest and lumbar vertebrae below it.

Once there is a problem with the shoulder and neck, it will make you feel particularly uncomfortable! The so-called: prevention is far greater than treatment, and it is particularly important to maintain the shoulder and neck at ordinary times! Today, I share 9 shoulder neck yoga moves, which are simple.

You can relax yourself at home.

Quickly collect them and practice them once a day! Action 1 Stand with your feet hip width apart and your back straight Inhale, bend your elbow with your left hand and put it on the back of your body Put your right hand over your left ear Exhale, hand strap slightly to the right Sink your left shoulder away from your ear Stop for 10-12 breaths and switch sides 2 Inhale, rotate your left arm outward, and straighten your hand upward Bend your elbows back and put your palm on your back Hold your left elbow with your right hand and slowly approach your head Core start, stop for 10-12 breaths and switch sides 3 Inhale, right arm adduction, right hand flat on the chest Bend your elbow with your left hand and clip your right hand inside your arm The left arm pulls the right arm towards the body Feel the stretch on the outside of your right arm Stop for 10-12 breaths and change to the other side 4 Stand in a mountain position, with shoulders moving backwards Clasp your hands with your fingers on your back and straighten your arms Exhale, tighten your core, and bring your shoulder blades in the middle Open the chest and stop for 10-12 breathing movements 5 Support with both hands and knees into quadruped support Inhale, rotate your pelvis forward, and lift your chest Exhale, roll your tailbone, bow your back with your chest, and look at your navel with your eyes Extend the spine section by section, and dynamically practice 10-15 movements for 6 Kneel on your knees and keep your thighs vertical to the ground Exhale, tighten the core, and pass your right hand through your left armpit The right shoulder is on the ground in the middle line of the body, and the side face is on the ground After staying for 1-2 minutes, exchange the other side action 7 Withdraw from the previous action and kneel on both knees Extend your arms straight forward, with your forehead on the ground Extend the lumbar spine and keep the thighs vertical to the ground Core start, stay for 1-2 minutes, action 8 Sit in a simple position, inhale, and bend your elbow backward with your right hand Hold your right wrist backward with your left hand Exhale, tighten the core, and slowly sink the right shoulder Use your left hand to pull your right hand to the left Stop for 10-12 breaths and exchange actions on the other side 9 Withdraw from the previous action and straighten your legs forward Inhale and hold your hands back on the back of your body The shoulders sink backward and the chest opens Start the core and stay for 10-12 breaths to protect shoulder and neck health.

Let’s start with “lower your head”!..

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