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Yoga back exercises to improve your temperament

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Introduction if you have these unfortunately: round shoulders? humpback? Bow? Then, if you don’t step up training, mom won’t have to expect you to have temperament anymore! The deformation of the back is often related to our daily sitting posture.

We usually sit for a long time, and we will overstretch the middle and lower bundles of trapezius muscle, making it inelastic and weak.

Excessive tension in the front muscles of the chest and shoulders will aggravate the bad posture over time, ranging from body deformation (protruding abdomen, sagging chest, etc.), to dizziness, tinnitus, nerve compression and other symptoms, which will seriously affect health! The importance of back training speaking of the back, we have to talk about the shoulders, waist and hips.

As the largest part of our body, the back wraps our most important spine, connecting our head, neck, shoulders, chest, waist and hips.

Therefore, if you can maintain a good posture of your back, your whole figure will not be much worse! To get a perfect “back”: 1.

Maintaining a relatively low body fat is the main premise.

Please consciously reduce fat training of medium intensity or above 3-5 times a week.


Following the following “back beautifying action plan” for training, we can not only beautify our back, but also alleviate our back stiffness caused by sitting for a long time, and meet healthier ourselves through these actions.

Back training 1) twice a week; 2) 4 groups X12 times / each action; 3) The interval between actions is 40s, and the interval between groups is 25s.

Yoga people edit tips: during the action, pay attention to adjusting breathing, and avoid suffocating; The core muscle group should be kept tight.

Warm up action – Essentials of bear climbing action: 1) keep your legs straight and don’t bend; 2) Face the ground, fully exercise the shoulder, back and other muscle groups, and activate the body.

01 tips for bending over and starting at both ends: 1) straighten your legs and lift your knees off the ground; 2) Use your lower back muscles and don’t just lift your head; 3) If your shoulders are sore, you should pay attention.

The position of the force may be wrong.

Tips of superman flying: 1) keep your legs straight and your knees off the ground; 2) Use your lower back muscles and don’t just lift your head.

3) after the action reaches the highest point, keep still.

03 bend down and TW push up action Essentials: 1) hold your fists slightly with your thumbs up; 2) Arm recovery, chest straightening, and back strength.

04 essentials of bow rowing: 1) semi squat position, upper body leaning forward, straight back; 2) Clamp the back, drive the arm, and retract the barbell towards the small abdomen.

05 key points of bird dog movement: 1) keep arms, torso and legs in a straight line; 2) Try to keep your body stable, with constant speed on both sides, alternating.

After training, don’t forget to edit tips: the correct sequence of each training should be: activation – Training – stretching.

So all my friends, especially those who don’t have much exercise habits, must follow this order.

01 it is said that Dabai breath regulation was a posture invented by ancient Indians to thank the sun for giving light and energy, so you must be humble and try to keep your shoulders close to the ground.

02 if the source of the content published on the four corner bench type official account is indicated, the copyright belongs to the original source (those that cannot verify the copyright or do not indicate the source are collected from the network)..

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