Yoga practice diary issue 15 (Part 1)

Practice log – issue 15 (Part 1) seeds and flowerpots put the seeds in the soil.

Under the conditions of appropriate temperature and humidity, the seeds will take root downward and begin to grow upward at the same time.

This is the expression of the vitality and vitality of seeds.

The outside of our pelvis is like the carrier of seeds, symbolizing the stable soil element, while the seeds symbolize the energy inside the pelvis – the driving force for upward growth.

The teacher used the image metaphor of flowerpot and seed to let us understand that it is equally important to maintain the stability outside the pelvis and activate the energy inside the pelvis.

Last time we talked about how to activate the pelvis.

It mentioned the importance of polishing and sculpting your feet.

Whether it is standing posture (such as triangle posture in the last experiment), half inverted posture (downward dog posture, half hand handstand, etc.), or full inverted posture (head handstand, hand handstand, etc.), both feet can continuously and stably supply pelvic energy.

Especially in the posture of inverted pelvis, you can feel the strength of this energy.

Polish your feet in the supine pose.

When the various parts of the feet become three-dimensional and can be separated, the heels, arches and phalanges can be used in the downward dog pose of semi handstand to activate the hip joint.

The shape of the back of the chair fits well with the arch of the foot.

It is an ideal tool for grinding the arch of the foot.

When we were in India, the teacher led us to do the same exercise, which is still fresh in my memory.

In standing posture, if the arch of the foot collapses or “dizzy”, I will use this method to adjust it.

Go to experiment with a half handed handstand with the foot arch on the back of the chair.

By comparing the half handed handstand with feet on the wall, we can immediately get an inspiration – only by changing the condition of “the mobilization method of both feet”, we can instantly improve this posture – because the pelvis obtains the upward growth vitality of the “seed”.

A small wooden brick can also be used to “wake up” the pelvis.

When the pelvis is awakened, the weight of the body will not collapse, but will be lifted by the pelvis.

It will be very easy to move your legs again.

Wood bricks bring a sense of freedom and connection.

They are all characteristics of asana.

The awakened pelvic energy makes us not only get rid of the support of wood bricks, but also get rid of pushing the ground with our arms, so that we can stand more and more effortlessly.

Through practice, we know that there is no collapse and compression at the pelvis, but a “seed” growing upward with strength.

Let this growth bring a new experience to life.

Unfinished life-long learning..

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