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How to do yoga four column support so that the shoulder won’t be injured?

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Today, let’s talk about the process from inclined plate to four column support, and then to the dog style.

Step 1: start from the inclined plank, the feet are the same width as the hips, the wrists are aligned with the shoulders, the abdomen is retracted, the back of the neck is extended, and the upper back is full.

Step 2: transition from the inclined plank to the four column support.

There is a key action in this step, that is, the shoulders are sent forward, exceed the wrists, and the elbows start to bend slightly backward, and the heels keep pushing backward.

Step 3: the four column support bends the elbow clip, 90 °, and the shoulders cannot be lower than the elbows to keep the navel retracted, The fourth step is to plump the upper back: from the four pillar support to the dog pose, one thing to pay attention to is to keep the chest open and lift the simple version of the four pillar support: if it is not enough for the core and arm strength to do the four pillar support, this time, you can do the simple version of the four pillar support.

With knees on the ground and legs off the ground, the focus is on elbows at 90 °.

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