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How to practice yoga half dove to keep the same twist?

Stick the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Beginners practice yoga semi pigeon posture, and often see various “strange shapes” in the class.

Students with tight hips can actually practice step by step in the following ways: Step 1: sit up, bend the left leg in front of the body, and bend the right leg backward.

This posture is also called “Z” sitting posture.

Step 2: relax the left hip, and sit down on the ground with the left hip.

Students who can’t sit on the ground with the left hip, You can move the left leg with the folded blanket on the bottom pad of the buttocks as far as possible parallel to the edge of the front pad.

The left foot is hooked back.

Step 3: slide the right leg backward and straighten the right leg away from the left leg.

Try to keep the left leg parallel to the front of the pad.

Do not adjust the position of the left leg in order to straighten the right leg.

Step 4: the left hand compacts the ground forcefully while the right thigh rotates inward, pressing the front side of the right hip downward and forward.

At this time, the outside of the left hip and the buttocks will feel stretched, However, there should be no pressure around the knee.

The fifth step is to keep 5-10 breaths.

The half dove yoga practice on the other side is mainly to stretch the outside of the hip.

The key is to keep the front leg parallel to the front of the cushion.

It is right to feel the stretching of the hip and the outside of the hip.

There is no need to straighten the back leg and straighten the hip.

When practicing yoga, don’t do asanas for the sake of doing asanas.

The key is that it is really useful to the body.

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