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What is the charm of the “most beautiful” air yoga instructor in the yoga industry?

The training provided by the instructors of the online celebrities in the air and the training with full seats, combined with the practical teaching and the air play beauty.

The students said that they can eat by their appearance, but they just use their strength to speak.

The original intention of the five-year training of vifly has not changed, and the practical teaching and the air play beauty are the two major modules of the training.

Three major principles: tradition, renewal and integration as the direction, constantly changing the course content to meet the market, deeply loved by the students, and widely used by the public ~ members.

How to arrange the large class efficiently and interestingly? How to break through the bottleneck of air courses and give you new ideas? How to arrange and absorb secondary consumption of customers in small class and excellent class? What is the difference between air yoga and air dance? How to use private teaching in the air? This training will return to the most real foundation and effective air yoga and the graceful air dance series.


The part of personal air ability improvement (flexibility, core, balance and coordination) 2.

Low altitude group class, private teaching and small class development 3.

Middle and high altitude middle posture series and the arrangement of air dance include air physiotherapy, air posture improvement, creative arrangement of elite class, private teaching application, weight loss and shaping Daily course arrangement of air Dance Series 1 the 84th Beijing station vifly air practical teaching training time: September 21-September 25, 2022 training details training duration: 5 days full-time, 6-7 hours per day (only 19 students) teaching content: private teaching physiotherapy ➕ Adjustment technique ➕ Body improvement ➕ Class II and class III air series (send one primary air dance) welfare: 1.

Teaching materials, double certificates (this year’s certificate is free of charge, one is from China Yoga League, and one is from institutions) 2.

Unified air class uniform 3.

Video recordable, Beautiful course photos 4.

Online review courseware 5.5 sets of thinking Notes 6.

Two point video aerial dance 7.

Insurance guarantee during study 8.

Early bird price of teaching assistant: 4780 yuan / person training address: vivi, Majiabao East Road, Fengtai District, Beijing Chen WANYING, tutor of vivi, participated in the shooting of 2vifly aerial Yoga system by a jewelry brand.

What did you learn? The following figure shows the training system architecture sorted out by vivi instructor ▼ 1.

The cleaning, height and knotting method of hammock, the dressing requirements and sports taboos for the students; 2.

The five principles of aerial yoga, the seven preparatory movements and the three elements; 3.

Master the correct methods of back muscles, such as the latissimus dorsi, the large and small rhomboids, the upper, middle and lower trapezius; 4.

Understanding and starting of core muscle groups, such as the diaphragm, the transverse abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor muscles, and the erector spinae; 5 Master the efficient and interesting series of postures, which can be directly used in class arrangement teaching.


The Sun Salutation, flying postures, core postures, inverted postures, backward bending postures and stretching postures of air yoga, totaling about 150 postures.


The use of suspension physiotherapy and private education of air yoga.


Learn to arrange member courses with different foundations and different themes.


Integrate yoga, Pilates and dance elements to enrich and enrich the classroom.


The arrangement of air dance rhyme Improve the personal ability of air yoga, help carry out small group classes and private education, unlock the most beautiful air Yoga opening method 3 air training instructor vivi – Chen WANYING ▶ 12 years of yoga teaching, more than 9 years of air yoga teaching, 6 years of air training experience, the first batch of domestic instructors of the international air Yoga brand bodyfly, and the first person of Hubei air Yoga ▶ National Yoga union ryt200 + 40hrttc certified tutor ▶ Left and right Pilates function training private tutor ▶ Om international Yoga union safe back bend yoga instructor ▶ Best fashion charm award of yoga in China ▶ Lecturer of the first national Yoga Network Video Conference ▶ Chow Tai Fook jewelry “journey” series ads starring in air Yoga ▶ Le Kou water cup billboard Yoga part starring ▶ Vifly air yoga training instructors have opened more than 70 training sessions ▶ Hong Kong Tiffany four workshops, single point air dance and silk training ▶ Participated in three sessions of international air dance master hollyann Air Training ▶ Heelhang, a mentor of American air celebrities, is a middle and senior air hammock training ▶ Following Zuo Chaofeng, the chief of the Chinese acrobatic troupe, to learn the style of the instructor of the aerial falling workshop, Patricia, the French founder of bodyfly, who was the first to enter the Chinese aerial Yoga market, began to study aerial yoga at the headquarters of foreign flight schools in early 2014, becoming the first instructor of aerial yoga in Hubei.

Subsequently, he followed the founder in teaching assistant in China and completed level 2 and level 3 training.

Vivi teacher & foreign senior tutor has been teaching and training in the field of air in recent years, and has constantly enriched his learning.

From air yoga to air dance, he has participated in three workshops of Hong Kong Tiffany and single point air dance and silk training, as well as the international air dance master hollyann single point air training, and the ins network red air teacher heelhang medium and advanced hammock training.

In March 2017, the first phase of vifly air Yoga coach training was started.

Adhering to the training concept of “teaching people to fish”, it spread the air art and culture.

So far, more than 70 air Yoga trainings have been held nationwide.

The sessions have been full of public praise, with 15-20 people in each session, and there are no empty seats.

Please identify the two-dimensional code of the teacher assistant according to the following figure for registration consultation.


The unified deposit of the national site is 1000 yuan, and the balance is made up 15 days before the class.


Due to the limited number of places, the deadline for early bird is one month before the commencement date of the current period.


Once the registration is successful, the refund caused by personal reasons is not accepted.

If you can not participate for any reason, you need to inform me 15 working days in advance, and you can transfer the quota by yourself or postpone it to the next training, There is no refund after registration.

In order to ensure the quality of the course, a limit of 20 people are allowed to sign up for consultation.

Please click the following figure to identify the QR code of the teacher assistant or directly copy and add the wechat of the teacher: lsyoga9 is willing to effectively bring the benefits of the air to the friends in need..

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