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Yoga people “comprehensively” strengthen their strength. These 11 asanas should be practiced frequently!

How to strengthen strength? In fact, there are many ways to strengthen strength training, such as weight-bearing training, resistance training, fitness equipment training, and so on.

You can choose the way you like to practice.

Of course, if you are not familiar with other exercises and want to improve your strength through yoga, there are a lot of exercises to strengthen your body strength in yoga, and the effect is also very good.

For example, the 11 postures for strengthening core strength, leg strength and arm strength introduced to you today.

Regular practice can not only effectively strengthen the body strength and easily unlock the difficult postures of yoga, but also the weight loss effect of summer practice is also a bar drop! 1、 Exercise to strengthen the strength of both legs 01 magic chair style · mountain style standing with feet separated and hip width · you can also put your feet together and raise your hands above your head · inhale to extend your spine, exhale to bend your hips and knees · feel like sitting on a chair · keep 5-8 breaths 02 Eagle style · mountain style standing with your right hand under · your arms intertwined and your arms parallel to the ground · lift your right foot up, Slightly bend the left knee · twist the right thigh around the left thigh and wrap it around the lower leg · inhale to extend the spine, exhale slowly bend the knee downward · keep 5-8 breaths, change the other side 03 goddess · mountain standing, open the distance between the two hips with the feet about 45 degrees outward, inhale to extend the spine · exhale to bend the hips and knees downward, lift the hands flat, bend the elbows, and lead the palms, The big arm is parallel to the ground · keep 5-8 breaths 04 soldier 3 · on the basis of Soldier 1, inhale and extend the spine · exhale the trunk forward and downward, and the left foot forward a small step · slowly lift the left leg upward and straighten the right knee · keep the arm, trunk and left leg in a straight line · tighten the lower leg forcefully and keep the body stable · keep 5-8 breaths, and stand on the other side 05 with the big toe in hand · stand in mountain style, Bend the right knee close to the abdomen · hold the big toe of the right foot with the index finger and middle finger of the right hand · slowly straighten the knee, keep the hip centered · step on the ground with the left foot firmly, tighten the thigh · keep 5-8 breaths, and change the other side.


Strengthen the core strength exercise 06 lie on your back and bend your knee to lift one leg up · lie on the cushion surface, slightly bend your knees · straighten your right leg, close to the ground but don’t fall on the ground · keep it for 10-30 seconds, Repeat group 3-5, change the other side 07 cycling style · supine on the cushion surface, lift the legs up about 60 degrees · bend the left knee, straighten the right leg, and the legs are like pedaling a bicycle in the air · repeat group 3-5, change the other side 08 knee bending half boat & boat style · sit on the cushion surface, bend the knees close to the abdomen · hold the back of the thighs with both hands, slowly lift the legs up · keep the body backward, pay attention to the extension of the spine, Don’t arch your waist and back · keep it for 10-30 seconds and repeat the practice for 3-5 groups · if your physical condition is good, you can stretch your legs and hands.


Exercise to strengthen your arms and core strength 09 inclined plate · lie prone on the cushion surface, put your hands on both sides of your chest · hook your toes back, push your big foot pillow onto the ground · exhale into the posture, tighten the core · stretch your arms, and push your thighs backward · keep 5-8 breaths 10 side plate · on the basis of inclined plate, Open your body to the right · keep your feet and legs together, and your left hand pointing to the ceiling · keep 5-8 breaths, and change the other side to 11 leaning against the wall and half hand handstand · start the downward dog posture with your feet leaning against the wall · keep your legs up in turn, keep your legs parallel to the ground · stretch your arms, extend your torso · push your feet against the wall hard, and keep 5-8 breaths (the content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original.

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