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30 sessions of Yoga Anatomy, a private yoga teacher and fitness instructor must take!

When it comes to anatomy, the first reaction of many Ghanaians may be: too far away, not something I want to touch; It is too profound for me to master; It’s too complicated for me to learn; It’s too boring.

It’s something I tried hard but couldn’t learn; It’s too difficult to learn.

It’s something I’ve learned but can’t remember and don’t know how to use…

But if you want to practice yoga, teach yoga well, or even Pilates, physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, etc., anatomy, the “bone hard to chew”, must be chewed and understood.

Don’t understand the body muscle, bone structure, movement principle, etc.: teaching – we can’t judge the students’ problems clearly, and can’t arrange a sequence that is easy to practice, the auxiliary ideas of private education are limited, and personal professional ability is slowly improved…

practice – easy to get injured, easy to get stuck at the bottleneck, stop moving, easy to practice is ineffective, easy to be confused, but don’t know how to solve it…

This time we specially invite Stu teachers who are super senior and super powerful in the field of yoga anatomy, Lead everyone to master yoga anatomy from two aspects of knowledge point learning+yoga application.

The teacher will lead everyone to know the body, and understand the structure and movement principle of different muscles and bones through vivid and interesting explanations and visual illustrations.

On the basis of knowledge points, the teacher will analyze the asana cases – clearly tell you the specific muscles and bones to be mobilized in the specific asana, as well as the correct and efficient practice and arrangement methods, so as to apply what you have learned.

It can be said that no matter for Xiaobai, an experienced practitioner, or a teacher who has worked for many years, this is a set of courses worth starting and learning repeatedly..

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