New Yoga Life

While traveling and doing yoga, the life of this pair of Yoga immortals is really enviable!

Stick the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Health yoga is a simple yoga movement every day, Official account: the official account has been banned.

Today’s protagonist is a couple.

Both of them are yoga teachers and run their own yoga studio.

The male protagonist is David from France.

He is a senior Ashtanga teacher with more than 6 years of teaching experience.

The female protagonist is Jelena, David’s apprentice, also from France.

At present, he is David’s assistant teacher.

They get married because of yoga.

Let’s talk about the couple first Two sweet Yoga photos.

They got married because of yoga.

On INS, they shared their experiences from knowing each other to loving each other.

As a student of David, Jelena was deeply attracted by David’s yoga class for the first time.

Since then, They both fall in love with each other.

On their social account INS, David often shares his yoga practice experience and publishes a lot of videos of analytic postures to tell the practitioners how to practice yoga correctly, which benefits many yoga practitioners.

Besides daily teaching, the couple also attaches great importance to their own improvement.

Morning exercise together is a required course for them.

They protect each other when practicing difficult backward bends and inverted three-dimensional postures, Avoid injury do you want your partner to like yoga as much as you do? Let’s take a look at how they help students to practice yoga more deeply in the classroom.

It seems that the level of Gaja people practicing under their doors is very good, including various handstands David and Jelena’s biggest dream is to travel around the world and set up a workshop so that they can spread Yoga knowledge and play everywhere.

This kind of immortal life is really enviable.

Is this kind of immortal life your heart yearns for? I hope you can also meet the one who has a heart in the Yoga world and be happy with you! After you’ve finished reading it, you can watch it before you leave 👍。.

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