Yoga in the morning, exercise your spine and keep young!

I should have heard that “how healthy the spine is, how young a person is”.

But why do you say that? On the spine, there are many nerves that control the important organs of the body.

Secondly, the external shape of the spine has a great impact on a person’s posture.

The extension of the spine can make people look full of energy, healthy and confident.

Therefore, it is very important to exercise the spine in the morning.

I recommend a set of yoga exercises to exercise the spine.


The right leg of the crescent type is bent by 90 °, the left knee, the lower leg and the instep of the foot are pressed against the ground, the abdomen is retracted, the thoracic vertebra is extended, and the hand is kept upward for 5 breaths.


The crescent type twist is based on the previous individual type, the left hand is on the ground, the right hand is extended and twisted, and the spine is kept to the right for 5 breaths.


The goddess type variant is based on the previous individual type, returns to the crescent type, and then the left foot is on the ground, and the hands take the body and rotate the feet outward, and the hands are, Bend your knees 90 degrees and keep 5 breaths 4.

Goddess twist: on the basis of the previous asana, put your hands on your thighs near your knees, twist to the left, look at the left rear, keep 5 breaths and repeat on the other side 5.

Stand forward and bend a: on the basis of the previous asana, return to the goddess variant, straighten your legs, fold your feet forward, fold your hands forward and down, hold your head on the ground, extend your spine, and keep 5 breaths 6.

Horse riding: on the basis of the previous asana, Turn the body to the right side, with the right foot facing forward, lift the left heel up and bend the right knee by 90 °, straighten the left leg and support the ground with both hands, and extend the spine.


Pull the right leg back to the inclined plate in the inclined plate, and keep breathing for 5 times.


The flow of the inclined plate and the downward dog posture starts from the inclined plate, the abdomen is retracted and lifted up, and then comes to the downward dog posture, and then the heel is raised, the hip is kept upward, and the back is arched from the lumbar vertebra, the heel is pushed forward to the inclined plate, and then the lumbar vertebra is bent, and the spine, Go back to the downward dog pose and repeat 3 times, and then change the left side to repeat all the above postures.

It is recommended to practice the Hata Sun Salutation warm-up five times before practicing, so that the spine will be more soft.

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