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After practicing yoga for so long, I didn’t know how much attention should be paid before, during and after yoga

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Many people learn yoga only with enthusiasm, and do not understand the basic knowledge of yoga, so they are very vulnerable to injury in yoga, and often lose interest due to slow progress, and then give up, and finally end up complaining that yoga is useless.

In fact, this is wrong.

Complete the movement slowly to prevent muscle strain and stretch within a safe range.

Because the muscles have the characteristics of relaxing when exhaling and tense when inhaling, they should practice together with breathing.

According to the principle of “lifting is suction, lowering is exhalation; opening is suction, closing is exhalation”.

Before the exercise: 1.

The practitioner will do the pose correctly as long as he/she stretches the pose to his/her own limit.


Practitioners should first understand the “warning” item of the exercise, and then begin to practice.


Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach and can only be performed about three hours after a meal.

Because the blood of the body is concentrated on local muscles or organs during yoga practice to meet the needs of sports.

Therefore, it reduces the amount of blood delivered to the digestive system and affects the digestion and absorption of food.

If you are not used to or should not have an empty stomach, you can eat a little food that is easy to digest: milk, yogurt, honey, fruit juice, etc.

an hour before the exercise.


Wearing relaxed, sweat absorbing and elastic clothes, watches, glasses, ornaments, etc.

should be removed to reduce the binding of foreign objects.


It is better to practice barefoot to prevent foot slipping.

The kneeling, sitting and lying posture should be practiced on the carpet or mat.

The mat should not be too thick or too soft, otherwise it will affect the stability of the body.


If possible, it is better to defecate before practice, and then wash your hands; 7.

The elderly, or those with serious neck or back injuries, should consult a doctor before deciding whether to practice yoga posture; During menstruation, women can do appropriate exercises according to their physical ability.

Only a few postures can not be done during menstruation.

After serious illness or surgery, they can do exercises at least half a year later.


Do proper exercises according to your physical ability.

People with special diseases can choose to do movements.

For example, pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, people with heart disease, people with spinal cord damage, and people with menstruation should not do handstands and positions with high strength and difficulty, and avoid the position where the abdomen is higher than the heart.


Warm up and stretch your muscles to prevent strain.

When practicing: 1.

Relax and keep quiet.

Turn your mobile phone to silent or vibrate in class.

Pay attention to reminding before class; 2.

During the exercise, pay attention and keep in mind, and try to feel the feeling of stretching, so as to achieve physical and mental relaxation and avoid strain during the exercise; 3.

Do not speak or laugh during practice; 4.

If there is a sharp pain or cramp in a certain part of the body when practicing a posture, you should stop immediately.

If you still have the same reaction when you do it again, you should give up practicing this posture temporarily.


In the process of practice, unless otherwise specified, you usually breathe with your nose.


When completing each posture, you must be still, and use this posture to regulate your breath (one breath and one breath is called “breathing”) for more than several times.

With this static state of mind and body, the inner peace and security are revealed.


In practice, you may hear or feel the “clicking” sound from the joints.

Don’t worry, it shows that your body is becoming loose and flexible.


In the process of practice, your eyes can feel relaxed and natural.

If you like to close your eyes, or half close or look up, or look down, or look straight ahead, you can do so in practice.

However, there are several techniques that specify what your eyes should do during practice.


Practice every day, either once or in sections.

Each movement can be practiced 3-5 times, and you must relax in the middle.


During the practice, if you feel tired and uncomfortable, you should stop slowly to rest and relax.

Don’t force yourself.


If muscle cramps or cramps occur during or after a posture exercise, or a particular area feels tight or sore, stop the action immediately, lie on your back, and then gently massage; 12.

Drink water before and during the exercise, but not too much.

Drink more water after the exercise.

(Except for high temperature or special instructions) After practice: 1.

Do not take a bath immediately after practice.

It is recommended to take a bath after 30-60 minutes.

After yoga practice, the pores of the skin will open, and the body will feel very sharp.

The sudden cold and hot stimulation is not suitable, which may hurt the body, and also wash away some beneficial secretion and qi (energy).


There is no set time for yoga practice.

You can take a few minutes or more to exercise every day, and regard it as your lifestyle.


Although yoga practice is extremely beneficial, and even can cure some diseases of the body, if you suffer from serious pain, you should not neglect to seek effective medical treatment because of yoga practice.

It should be regarded as a health care measure.


Finally, the self-taught practitioner should first understand his written instructions before doing each pose, and then carefully practice according to the requirements.

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