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When practicing yoga, the ability of hip external rotation and abduction is poor, and the legs are always stuck? This move should be

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When practicing yoga, Ga people often ask, teacher, why do you always keep your legs up in the bun angle pose, square pose, pan lotus pose and so on? In fact, if other compensatory factors are excluded, the answer is very simple, that is, the abduction and external rotation ability of the hip joint is relatively poor.

So, today I will share with you a set of actions to effectively practice the hip external rotation and abduction ability.

It only takes 15 minutes, and many legs can go down, don’t you believe it? Then you must try! 1-2.

Embrace baby type variant sitting position, put your hands around the outside of your thighs to cooperate with breathing, shake slowly from left to right to cooperate with breathing for 20 times, hold the right foot soles with your left hand to cooperate with breathing, do back and forth circle exercise on the right hip for 20 times, repeat dynamic exercise on the other side 3.

Dynamic Dove downward dog pose starts, bend your right knee forward with a big step, straighten your left leg parallel to the hip, push your front foot to the middle of your hip, and exhale with your hands on the front of your body, Perform 20 times of hip sinking dynamic exercises downward, and change the other side.


Flower wreath type variant sitting position.

Open your legs slightly and exhale at 45 degrees to the outside of your hips.

Open your right knee outward.

Buckle your left knee inward to stand upright, and stay for 2-3 seconds.

Perform 10-20 times of restoring dynamic exercises.

Change the other side.


Side squatting style – shoelace style – forward bending and right squatting style starts to inhale, and land your hips on the ground.

Turn your body upright and bend your right foot and put it on the outside of your left thigh to exhale, After staying for 8-10 breaths forward, change the other side.


The legs of the transverse fork variant are separated at an appropriate distance.

The hands and the front of the body stretch the spine.

The hips sink down slowly and the feet open slowly to both sides.

Stay for 8-10 breaths.


The half frog variant lies prone.

The right leg bends its knees and enters the half frog inhale.

The spine extends.

The upper body exhales from the ground.

Tighten the core.

The hands bend their elbows and press the ground dynamically for 8-10 times to exhale and tighten the core, Inhale the buttocks backward, exercise the body weight forward dynamically for 8-10 times, and repeat the other side of the exercise 9.

The frog variant kneels and stands, and the legs are bent forward at an appropriate distance.

The hands extend on the front spine of the body, and the thigh and calf exhale vertically.

The body moves forward and backward dynamically for 10-20 times.

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