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Five new ways to enter yoga wild style, stretching your body from head to foot!

Wild yoga pose, in flow yoga, is a series of poses with high frequency of exposure to the camera.

Practicing the wild style can fully stretch your body, perfectly open the heart wheel, and make you feel satisfied and happy inside.

In daily practice, we mostly enter from single-leg down dog, but in fact, there are many other ways to enter the wild.

For example, the five new practice methods for entering the wild style shared today are super easy to use.

Ga people who like flow yoga must try it.


Squat down into squat down preparation, exhale, tighten the core hands to support the ground, pull back the legs and then enter the side plank type right leg back into wild squat 02.

Side squat into side squat preparation, take the left side as an example, inhale, right hand to support the ground, hips to lift the chest up and push up, enter wild squat 03, half-moon into half-moon, inhale, right hand to point to exhale, tighten the core, turn the body forward, left hand to support the ground, hips to lift up, Enter Wild Stance 04, Single-leg Splitting into Single-leg Splitting, inhale, hold the left leg back, the core starts the hip to send up, enter Wild Stance 05, enter the high bow step into the high bow step, inhale, the left hand points to the core to tighten, the hip turns to the right chest to open and push up, enter Wild Stance In addition, what other ways do people enter Wild Stance? You can leave a message and share it with us! Teachers can add a yoga video lesson ▼ Yoga Master Workshop ▼ ▼ Click on the lower left corner to select yoga supplies.

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