In the yoga class, these four individual poses, after practicing the beautiful hip and open the hip, hurt the knee wrong!

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Many postures have the effect of flexible hips and hip beautification, such as Warrior One, Two, Three, Goddess, but many Jia people can’t achieve the effect of hip opening and hip beautification due to the misalignment of postures when practicing these postures.

Finally, they hurt their knees! In yoga practice, there are many postures involving external rotation of the hip.

If there is no external rotation of the hip for a long time, the knee buckle will not only lead to XO legs, but also cause great damage to the knee joint! Today, I will list four postures that have the highest rate of being seen in the yoga class, but the highest rate of making mistakes.

Remember to correct them next time! 1.

When practicing Goddess pose in Goddess pose, many Ghanaians will buckle their knees, which is caused by weak gluteus muscle strength and poor hip joint external rotation ability.


The same is true for the soldier’s two movements.

When practicing the soldier’s two movements, due to the poor ability of external rotation of the hip, many Ghanaians also buckle their knees.


When practicing the phantom chair style, because of the weak strength of the gluteus muscle and the weak strength of the outer thigh, the knee will also be buckled.


The garland garland style is also the same.

We should also pay attention to strengthening the ability of hip external rotation, that is, strengthening the strength of gluteus muscle.

How to improve the knee buckle? The following postures should be practiced more! Action 01.

The foam axis is released according to the above illustration.

Roll and relax at each position for 60 seconds.

Action 02.

Lying on the side, bend your knees, put on the elastic band on the outside of your thighs, stretch your knees outward like a clam shell, and stay for 30 seconds to resist the slow and controlled reduction of the elastic band.

Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

Pay attention to the hip force generating action 03.

Put on the elastic band on the outside of your thighs, exhale, bend your hips, bend your knees, squat down, inhale, and restore, At the same time, open the right leg outward and practice 10-15 groups of actions alternately.


Prepare for the quadruped support position, put the elastic band on the big outer leg to exhale, tighten the core, stretch the elastic band outward and repeat the exercise for 10-15 times, and change the other side to continue the action 05.

Sit and stand, with the legs straight forward, the toes hooked back to inhale, the sitting bones downward, the right foot put the left thigh outside to exhale, the body twist to the right, the left hand put the right thigh outside and the leg to resist, and stay for 10-15 breaths, The weakness of the gluteus medius muscle on the other side has a lot of adverse effects on the body.

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