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Yoga butterfly style, cleaning up uterine waste, women do it 10 years younger!

Click on the blue character above to follow parenting and accompany you all the way! A warm, active, and creative family atmosphere will lay the foundation for children’s lives! Butterfly pose is a pleasant name and is relatively easy for beginners to practice.

At the same time, Butterfly pose is also a preliminary preparation pose before entering yoga pose practice.

For women, this pose also has a very important effect – clearing the “hygiene dead spots” inside the body.

The method is simple: sit down and use a blanket folded into two palms under your buttocks to cushion it.

Then bend both legs with the soles of the feet facing each other.

Grasp the toes with both hands, open the knees to both sides, and try to stick them to the ground as much as possible, this is the “butterfly style”.

When doing this action, keep your spine straight and your knees rhythmically vibrating towards the floor on both sides.

The amount of exercise involved in this movement is not significant, but it perfectly reaches the most difficult part to exercise – the hip.

People nowadays spend most of their time sitting, with impurities in their qi and blood slowly settling into their pelvis.

The pelvis, which protects the reproductive and urinary systems, has become a container for garbage and waste, just like a sanitary blind spot that we cannot usually clean.

Over time, the meridians become blocked and Qi and blood do not function, leading to the growth of bacteria and inflammation.

There are various internal factors that must take shape outside, and these bacteria are manifested on the face as spots, acne, and red bumps.

The “butterfly style” of posture decomposition promotes blood circulation in the pelvic area through the movement of both legs, opens up the meridians on the legs, and clears the health dead spots on the body like a “broom”.

Not only can inflammation be eliminated, but it can also increase the blood supply to the pelvis and abdominal cavity, providing blood supply to the internal organs, nourishing organs such as the bladder and kidneys, and improving human vitality.

This vitality is manifested on the face by having a rosy complexion, a pure white complexion, no spots or pimples, and a delicate appearance.

Practicing this posture regularly can also regulate urinary function and relieve sciatica, making it very suitable for friends who frequently sit in the office.

In addition, this posture has a good maintenance effect on men’s prostate.

Pregnant women often do this, and delivery will be smoother.

The key is to practice the correct posture, and the correct method can have a good effect.

Be a beautiful and confident ‘butterfly’, starting from now on.

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