18 yoga postures, this practice not only strong legs, legs also become better!

Postures 01, downward dog postures 02, single leg downward dog postures 03, anti dog postures 04, soldier two postures 05, side angle postures 06, anti triangle postures 07, side squatting postures 08, starting postures 09, standing forward bending postures 10, single leg hip bending standing three-dimensional postures 11, soldier three body postures 12, warrior one body postures 13, goddess postures 14, soldier two postures 15, starting postures 16-18, four column support- Top dog – bottom dog step back from the start position, enter the four pillar support to inhale, enter the top dog to exhale, return to the bottom dog to stay for 5-8 breaths tips: the above sequence starts from position 01 and continues to practice on the other side!.


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