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Abdominal fat difficult to reduce? These 7 yoga postures are very effective for strong thin abdomen!

Many Jia people say: once a woman is over 30 years old, the meat in her abdomen is like a runaway wild horse, which can’t be stopped! Hard to reduce! In fact, women should reduce fat and thin abdomen, improve body metabolism more, and formulate a reasonable diet + exercise plan, which is useful!                     Today, Xiaobian has prepared 7 variants of yoga postures specifically for thin abdomen.

If the physical fitness is OK, it is suggested that this set of movements can be practiced 2-3 times and pay attention to diet at ordinary times, so as to achieve the purpose of thin abdomen!                Action 1 enters from the inclined plate, pay attention to keep the core tight and cooperate with breathing, bend the knees alternately and touch the elbows forward to maintain dynamic practice for 12-15 times, action 2 continues to stay in the inclined plate, exhale, bend the elbows downward, inhale and restore the inclined plate, exhale, slide the right leg to the outside, inhale and restore, exhale and change to the other side, Dynamic exercise 12 times, action 3 keep in the inclined plate preparation position, exhale, tighten the core, hip up, feet slide up to the lower dog inhalation, legs return to the inclined plate backward, dynamic exercise 10-12 times, action 4 keep in the inclined plate position, tighten the core, exhale, right leg towards the outside of the right hand, inhale, restore exhalation, exchange the other side, dynamic exercise 12-15 times, action 5 reverse table preparation, exhale, Tighten the core, lift the hip upward, bend the right leg upward, inhale, and land the hip.

Practice 10-12 times on each side.


Keep in the bridge preparation position.

Tighten the core and exhale, bend the right leg upward, tighten the gluteal muscles, and then straighten forward.

Pay attention to stretching the instep, inhale and restore the fall.

Practice 12-15 times on each side.


Lie prone on the cushion surface, straighten the core and gluteal muscles with both hands forward, and exhale, Inhale and restore with both hands and legs off the ground, and practice dynamically for 12-15 times.

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