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This is a classic variant of the four Yoga ramps to test your yoga skills!

  There are many postures to strengthen the core of yoga, but the most practiced is inclined plate and flat plate support! These two methods seem simple, but the longer the stay time, the more difficult it is! Today, Xiaobian sorted out 8 inclined plate variants, which extremely tested the core strength of Jia people.

Come and challenge! 01 enter standing from mountain pose, bend forward and inhale, move your hands forward into inclined plate to exhale, tighten the core and stay for 5-8 breaths.

02 enter downward dog pose from inclined plate to exhale, raise your left leg backward, tighten the core, bend your left knee forward and touch your left elbow to inhale, raise it backward, and change sides after 8-10 dynamic exercises.

03 exit downward dog pose, bend your knees, tighten the core, and inhale strongly backward from your hips, Enter the inclined plate to keep 5-8 breaths 04 enter the inclined plate mountaineering exhalation, tighten the core, bend the right knee and look forward to the left elbow for dynamic practice for 8-10 times, change the other side 05 enter the four column support, and those with strong energy can stay for 3-5 breaths 06 enter the plate support core from the inclined plate, tighten the gluteal muscles, stay for 30 seconds 07 keep exhaling in the inclined plate, tighten the core hip, twist to the right, inhale and restore exhalation, Twist to the left for 12-15 times.

08 return to the flat plate support, enter the dolphin elbow to push the ground, and stay back and up for 5-8 breaths.

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