It is said that only those who practice yoga well know these five tips!

On the way to yoga, you should either focus on yoga or focus on yoga.

(1) it is the best choice to practice.

If you get up in the morning and your body is sore and don’t want to practice, it is the best choice to still practice.

In fact, the best way to relieve the pain is to use yoga to relieve the pain.

Think back to the days when you got up to practice, there was no regret, and those who didn’t practice were regret again and again.

(2) Get rid of shyness, because no one will stare at you.

No one will stare at you to practice, except the teacher who corrects your posture.

You may have been anxious for fear that others might see you in bad shape, inflexible and funny posture, but later you found yourself thinking more.

In fact, everyone is like this.

Do you have time to observe and judge others during practice? In fact, life is the same.

You can be free only if you don’t care about the eyes of others.

(3) Take some pictures of yourself.

When you encounter a bottleneck in practice, you will doubt yourself.

At this time, look at some photos taken before, and you will be very surprised at your progress.

Keep some photos of the past as archives, and you will have a chance to laugh at your past falls and celebrate your current achievements.

(4) Practice with a little entertainment spirit and a little game mood.

Don’t think it’s homework and pressure.

You should be looking forward to every practice, because yoga is the best gift you receive.

(5) A good yoga mat is also very important.

By the way, this last point is also very important.

Many people think that the yoga mat is just for practice, whatever you want, but later found that it’s not the case.

If you have a yoga mat with moderate thickness, comfortable anti-skid and good grip, you will feel very different when practicing, so it is necessary to buy a good quality yoga mat.

Take good exercise.

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