After practicing yoga, overcoming fear is the first step (attachment: step by step)

On the way of yoga, there is a question worth thinking about: are those who bend back very much naturally soft or hard the day after tomorrow? There are many people.

It’s easy to do back bending, especially soft.

For example, doing push up wheel pose, standing back bending wheel pose, pigeon King pose and dance king pose, which many yoga people have dreamed of, they can do easily.

However, it is difficult for most people to do retroflexion.

They need to extend the spine slowly and carefully to fight against the stiffness, imbalance and discomfort of the body.

Not only in the basic positive position and physical limitations, but also in the heart of judgment and persistence in the ego.

For those with stiff bodies, the backward bending posture of opening the chest is more like opening Pandora’s box to unlock confusion, let go of persistence, disgust and even fear.

Because backward bending requires strong inner strength and physical efforts to face our most vulnerable parts.

There will be all kinds of commotion and struggle when practicing the back bend pose.

Therefore, the backward bending posture is very important in yoga.

In the backward bending posture, the power of yoga can be displayed incisively and vividly, and the body and mind will experience great baptism.

The basic points you need to know to do the back bend.

Overcoming psychological fear is only the first step.

You also need the basic positive position to let you enter the pose safely.

Keep breathing.

Many people hold their breath when doing the back bend, but that will only make the body more rigid.

Keep breathing, this is the most basic.

Keep the lower back extended.

If you do the backward bending posture, pay attention to the adduction of the tailbone and relax the hips, you can reduce the discomfort of the lower back.

Extend the tailbone toward the heel, away from the pelvis.

Relax your chin.

A soft, relaxed chin will make your backward bending posture safer.

If you can’t keep your chin relaxed, maybe you should get out of this pose.

Keep turning your shoulders back and down, keep your shoulders rotated outward away from your ears, and make your cervical spine more relaxed and extended.

Gently activate the abdominal strength to support your pose, but only slightly.

If your abdomen is too tight, it will hinder your breathing.

The forced backward bending posture of hands and legs requires not only the softness of the spine, but also the strong support of hands and legs.

Now let’s try to practice the wheel pose step by step.


With the help of the pillow, make sure that it is just placed on the middle back, put the head on the folded blanket, bend and open the hands, straighten the legs, feel the extension of the chest, feel the emotion at the moment, and keep it for 3 minutes.


Lie down in the dog pose, inhale with both hands on both sides of the ribs, lift the chest, abdomen and legs off the ground, and keep both feet and hands pushing down, Keep your hips forward and your chest upward.

Look at the feeling caused by the force of your hands and legs.

Keep breathing for 5 times.


Camel knee is the same width as your hips.

Keep pushing your sternum forward, extend your lumbar spine, put your hands on your heels, keep your shoulders spinning outward, and keep breathing for 5 times.


Half of the wall walkers stand upside down, measure the distance, keep your hands one leg away from the wall, and support your hands on the ground as a dog, Slowly put your feet on the wall, keep your feet at the same height as your hips, keep 90 ° here, find the feeling of hand force, and use it in the wheel to keep breathing for 5 times.


The wheel enters from the bridge, with your feet the same width as your hips, your hands the same width as your shoulders, and your fingers parallel.

If your shoulders are tight, inhale slightly outward, and lift your hands and legs to find your waist at the same time, lift your shoulder blades up at the back of your thighs, keep breathing for 5 times, and bloom in the back bend – message award-   Welcome to leave a message.

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