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Jinzhi Yoga 13 years, Mid Autumn Festival National Day store day, 1.5% off to grab the “Yoga freedom” gift bag!

Scan the QR code above to buy 680 yuan super value gift bag! (680 yuan gift package is only for newcomers or old members who renew their cards) Jinzhi yoga · Yousheng (Nanshan Hall) Tel / wechat: 18029959855 address: Jinzhi yoga · dance (gymnasium), 5th floor, xindaqiang, north of the intersection of Danan mountain, Puning Avenue commercial street, Puning City Tel / wechat: 13376518855 address: North Hall of Puning Minghua Gymnasium (entering from the West Gate) Jinzhi yoga · Xinghe boutique Hall (Xinghe Hall) Tel / wechat: 17825319333 address: Jinzhi yoga · BD dance studio, No.

6-8, 15th floor, Fortune Building, building C, Puning times center Tel / address: 19902712855 address: the yellow outer wall of the second street, Changchun Road sub branch, Puning Agricultural Bank      |     fashion      |    happy     |    The beginning of upward Jinzhi Yoga    Jinzhi yoga was founded in 2008, with the concept of spreading a healthy, happy, free and beautiful yoga lifestyle.

The environment and service strive to make practitioners feel relaxed, and the teaching quality strive to be professional and progressive.

The original intention has not changed in the past 13 years.

We are confident and don’t make too much publicity.

We require ourselves to continue to grow.

Only by keeping improving, enhancing our skills and self-cultivation, following the guidance given to us by yoga, being humble, optimistic, upward and realistic, can we really benefit the members who follow us!       ▍ merchant: Jinzhi yoga ▍ source: Black scarlet operation..

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