Yoga is a killer of insomnia. Five yoga poses help you get out of the haze of insomnia!

Click above   Blue word concern   Parenting and self-education, accompany you all the way!     Warm, active and creative family atmosphere will lay the foundation for children’s life! Insomnia has become a factor affecting people’s health.

Counting sheep doesn’t work at all.

Xiaobian suggests that you stop using your mobile phone or computer after 9 p.m.

and practice yoga for about half an hour to relax your body and mind and help you sleep.

The following five yoga poses can help you get out of the haze of insomnia!                                1.

Downward dog   This is one of the basic movements in yoga.

It can calm the brain and help relieve stress and mild depression.

When doing this action, you should pay attention to keeping your elbows straight, stretching the whole back, straightening your legs and not bending your knees.

If you can’t relax and open your shoulders when practicing downward dog pose, put your hands on a yoga brick or a chair.


Double angle type   The purpose of this pose is to fold forward from your hips so that you can relax your back and stretch your hamstrings.

Not only helps to reduce the pressure on the spine, this group of movements can bring a wonderful and calm feeling.

Just make sure your feet are parallel to each other.

If your fingers can’t fully contact the yoga mat, you can adjust your foot span appropriately.

  3 head to knee forward bending   It helps calm the brain, helps relieve depression, and improves your digestion.

Don’t be afraid to bend your knees.

If you can’t touch your toes, use a belt or towel to help complete the movement.


Hip opening sitting forward bending   The best way to stretch your hamstrings and spine.

If your pelvic structure prevents you from leaning forward completely, you can adjust yourself to the maximum you can.


Children’s style   This pose is very simple to do.

It helps calm your mind and relieve migraine symptoms caused by tight back, neck and shoulders.

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