The fifth issue of Yoga series – I decided to do yoga today

Once you decide to “do it today”, life will be relaxed all of a sudden.

No matter when you start yoga, you will never be perfunctory.

Every breath and every action are moving towards beauty.

What are you thinking about next? Miss yoga is waving to you.

In this dynamic new semester, make a new decision full of expectation.

Many people say that they can’t practice yoga because of their rigid body.

In fact, the more they need to practice yoga because of their rigid body.

Rigid people are more likely to recognize themselves, and rigid people are more likely to concentrate in asana practice.

Yoga is like a key.

It opens the body, combines flexibility and strength, opens our brain, and softens our thoughts and emotions.

It eventually helps us open our hearts and let us feel the present better.

It’s better to sign up for yoga! Activity time: 15:30-16:30, October 1 activity location: College Students’ comprehensive psychological activity room (room 701, teaching building 9) registration method: Online Reservation: (the reservation is limited to 10 people) review # “our friendship boat will not turn” — long time no see, the sixth salon activity has begun# The 12th sand table activity of “small sand table shows all the forms in the world” has begun! Guys, look over here# “Every good night in a year, when the light is seen in thousands of miles”   I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival# In the new semester, we will seal with your “heart” and “new”!.

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