Let’s have a feast of “Yuedu yoga”

Please read yoga “om -! Om -! Om -! Everyone starts today’s class after singing three times with me.” this is the prologue before many yoga classes.

I remember the first time I sang, the tongue was against the root of the tongue, and the voice slowly overflowed from the throat and gradually filled the whole mouth.

Then the abdomen was slightly tightened.

As I inhaled, my chest was like a slowly opening bow when I exhaled.

My upper body seemed to grow longer, and the whole head began to vibrate slightly, All the sounds are like the halo of a candle, enveloping me one after another.

The “om” sound is like the heart of a candle, burning slowly and warming continuously.

A sense of tranquility arises spontaneously, and a sense of joy penetrates from the bottom of my heart to the top of my head! In fact, as a yoga teacher, I feel that every time I sing, I am so full of happiness, and sometimes I even shed tears of happiness unconsciously.

This is the product of different emotions in the body.

After full release, it can make people feel refreshed! There is a scientific explanation for chanting: where there is space, there will be sound.

Chinese medicine meridian medicine and Taoism also founded modern sound therapy.

Through the continuous personal practice of spiritual practitioners, it has been proved that it plays a very good role in improving physical and mental health.

Sound therapy can reduce and eliminate muscle tension at the body level, stimulate glands to resist bacterial infection, regulate the balance of the nervous system, and dredge the obstacles to energy flow in various departments of the body.

It can also eliminate the tension and pressure at the spiritual level and alleviate the inner anxiety, so as to fundamentally eliminate the deep factors causing various physical and mental diseases, and let our body move harmoniously with a correct rhythm and rhythm, so as to achieve a true healthy balance of our body, mind and spirit.

In fact, the singing and reading of yoga are similar.

When reading the article, we first understand the creative background of the work and imagine the author’s creative mood at that time.

When reading each word, word and sentence, the corresponding scene will emerge in our mind at the same time.

In the process of reading, we use the adjustment of pause, stress, tone and rhythm, just like when we practice yoga, its rhythm is guided by breathing, The movement of the body is composed of static and vivid, dynamic to static, and static to static connection.

After reading a favorite article, the heart naturally knocks open, the emotion and the plot in the book are connected with the sound, and the soul is purified.

After reading the whole article, it is consistent with the incisive pleasure of Yoga singing and practicing a series of favorite yoga poses: the realm of water and milk, body and mind! Yuedu yoga’s Tao Te Ching tells that Tao generates one, two, two, three, and all things, all things negative Yin and embrace Yang, and rush Qi to think of harmony.

Therefore, exercise is harmony, reading is harmony, and this is “one”.

When we read books, following the plot of the article may produce low emotions and high emotions, but in the end, after reading, it will change the weather of life.

With the growth of life and body, people will hasten the wrinkles on their faces, but with the improvement of reading, people will become wise, open-minded, elegant and beautiful.

Huang Shangu, a poet of the Song Dynasty, once said, “if you don’t read for three days, your words are tasteless and detestable.” when a person reads, his body gets movement, his brain naturally gets operation, and his mind is naturally gratified.

Therefore, reading is the most high-grade nutrition and the most famous anti-aging agent.

Just as a woman takes care of her face, she repairs her soul.

When we eat precious words and become stronger and stronger, we will no longer lack calcium and feel lonely and weak.

The fifth layer (the last cultivation layer) of Yuedu yoga is the joy layer.

This is the innermost layer of the “sheath”, which contains all the concepts of happiness.

Similarly, when we read in books, after our emotions are completely released, when the brain receives the adjustment signal of the central nervous system, the whole body will relax, become calm, the mind will be satisfied and happy one by one.

The sensory pleasure we get when reading is consistent with the sensory pleasure we get when practicing yoga asanas.

There are many kinds of yoga schools, some are called “face yoga”, some are called “hand yoga”, and laughing together is called “laughter yoga”.

Let’s call our reading behavior “happy reading yoga”! Give your body, heart and God to all the words, words and sentences in the book, and fully enjoy the beauty of reading, so that your heart can be quiet and happy.

Editor’s note: author Guo Wenyi, founder of yoga.

Editor: Tong Hongjie pictures from the Internet…

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