The collision of health and beauty — Yoga starts your physical and mental journey

   “Close your eyes slightly  , Imagine you are in the midst of birds singing and flowers, and the breeze gently blows your cheeks.

Then, close your hands and chest, and take a deep breath, from one count to infinity…

“At the employee activity center of Baiyun Airport, students from all units of the airport are sitting cross legged under the guidance of teachers, slowly doing various body movements.

YOGA    At the moment, the sun outside the window and the roar of the plane have nothing to do with them.

Following the teacher’s tips, the students sometimes stretch their arms, sometimes stretch their legs and twist their waist.

With the “overweight” of action intensity, many students are sweating and gritting their teeth…

However, after the core training, after a short relaxation and rest, the students’ faces are full of peace, pleasure and relaxation.

“After nearly two hours of practice, I don’t feel tired at all.

Instead, I feel full of energy gathering on my body.

I don’t have to drink coffee at work in the afternoon.” “although I have low back pain, I can feel the blood flowing all over my body, especially relaxed and happy.” “I want to keep fit and lose weight, but I’m afraid of the sun and rain.

Now I have this good place.

It’s really killing two birds with one stone!”  ……  In order to meet the physical and mental health needs of the airport staff, the Yoga Association of the joint stock company has held four yoga courses since last year, and nearly 100 people have participated in the training.

    Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak this year, the Yoga Association, according to the relevant requirements, earnestly do the disinfection work, keep the air circulation, and the distance between one meter and more.

Under the premise of doing all kinds of protection work for the members, yoga association insists on holding yoga classes to provide services for improving the physical quality of the staff.

  Students’ physical and mental journey     Under the careful guidance of professional yoga teachers, the original students without foundation have fully stimulated and released their physical potential from ignorance to comprehensive understanding, from stiffness and clumsiness to dexterous torsion and handstand.

Learning yoga is a process of changing and shaping yourself.

Through the teacher’s careful teaching, you can calm your body and mind, relax yourself, relieve pressure, and inject physical and mental health, strength, freshness and tranquility in rhythmic breathing.

Talk to your body twice a week, get familiar with your body, build communication channels and learn communication methods.

Jie Ying Yu Ning yoga, life, work, travel…

Compatible and independent of each other, leaving space for each other so that life can return calmly.

Yoga is not only a satisfying and reluctant life, but also a lifelong pursuit!     Yoga has a long history.

It is a way of physical and mental cultivation.

It can improve people’s physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual abilities, and finally achieve the harmonious unity of body, mind and spirit.

Learning yoga has nothing to do with gender, age, flexibility and dance foundation.

It can be trained indoors and outdoors.

    In short, no matter how many choices you make in your life, one choice is always right – Yoga.

  Do you think it’s great to see here? You can’t help but want to join the ranks of yoga exercise! Come on ~ welcome.

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