There are many kinds of yoga. Each asana has a new feeling. The more you practice, the more interesting it is

Sister Bo’s quotation: the older you are, the more hidden dangers you will have.

Now start to lay a healthy foundation for your body.

Today’s young people don’t pay much attention to their health.

Therefore, in middle age, many diseases will occur with your body.

If you want to recover at that time, I’m afraid you can’t return to heaven.

Therefore, when we have the ability, we must do more yoga, Lay the foundation for the future body.

1、 1.

The people below just need to lie on the ground with their arms straight in front of them.


Hold the abdominal position of the person above with your arms, and pay attention to controlling your body balance.


The person in the air exerts force on the abdomen to keep the whole body in a tight state, and one leg bends back at the same time.


Extend your arm backward, grasp the soles of your feet in the air, and freely extend the other arm forward to pose OK.

There are many kinds of yoga.

Each asana has a new feeling.

The more you practice, the more interesting it is.

From now on, practicing yoga can not only be good for your health, but also prevent the occurrence of many elderly diseases.

Now you don’t have much feeling.

When you reach middle age, you will feel much better than others around you.

This is the effect of long-term persistence and yoga.

2、 Wheel 1.

The person below stands upright with a little distance between his legs, which can better maintain his body balance.


Straighten your arms upward, hold the buttocks of the people in the air, and find the comfort point of the people above.


People in the air relax their waist, let their legs and head sag naturally, and bend one leg knee, which is located at the highest point of the body.


Raise your arms and put them naturally in front of your chest, and put your five fingers directly above your lower jaw.

Whether it is yoga or some other form of exercise, the most important thing is to adhere to long-term practice.

Persistence can be said to be the soul of exercise.

In addition to persistence, one is to invest in the state of yoga, remember every action and practice it with your heart, so as to be deeply imprinted in your mind.

3、 1.

The person below has his legs a little apart, his hips slightly down, and his knees bent.


For a person in the air, his arms are straight, supported on the lower knees, and his neck is bent back.


One leg tilts from the back, the soles of the feet are placed directly above the head, and the other leg is straight.

In the annual report, the growth rate of geriatric diseases is very high.

Many people have lost their lives because of middle-aged and elderly diseases.

This is also a reminder that we should seize the time to practice yoga, do the best defense and prevent the invasion of viruses.

What we can do now is to make efforts for our own body.

4、 1.

Sit on the ground with your legs spread out in a straight line and do not leave any gap with the ground.


The body bends back naturally.

From the side, the body can use a complete arc.


The two arms extend naturally beyond the top of the head, and the hands close and bend back slowly.

In middle age, people’s physical strength will drop a lot, but people who practice yoga will have good skin or mental state.

This is because yoga can help improve the metabolic rate of cells in their body and metabolize aging cells.

The skin is naturally smooth and tender, and the mental state will not be very poor.

5、 1.

Bend your arms parallel to the ground and support the ground with your hands.


The shoulders cooperate with the auxiliary parts to control the stability of the whole body.


Bend one leg so that the sole of the foot directly contacts the position of the top of the head and is fixed.


Straighten the other leg towards the air, keep it perpendicular to the ground, and pay attention to the tightness of the instep.

Don’t feel that you are still young and don’t need to practice Yoga asanas.

It’s too late to practice after you really have a reaction.

It’s better to use your spare time to practice Yoga asanas from now on, which can not only enrich your life, but also think about your health.

It can kill two birds with one stone.

6、 God monkey pose 1.

Two legs open, the back legs straight and close to the ground, the front leg knees bent, and the soles of the feet support the ground.


Turn the body to one side and try to keep the whole body normal.

Don’t fall.


The two arms are naturally stretched out and placed on both sides in front as auxiliary support, and the waist is forced back as much as possible.

The yoga postures practiced by each age group are different.

There are strict regulations, so we must prepare in advance.

Postures with too much intensity are not suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Older people only need to ensure their health and refuse to try difficult postures.

7、 Crescent 1.

Stand with your legs in a lunge, pay attention to the position of your knees and lift your heels.


Bend the whole body backward and lean the neck back as close as possible to the legs.


Stretch out your arms at the same time, grasp the ankle bone at the back, and exert force inward at the same time.


This action is more difficult.

You can take it back after 30 seconds.

You can do more inverted three-dimensional posture.

Handstand can help accelerate the blood circulation in your body, improve the ability of metabolism, and increase your memory.

It can be said that it is a necessary pose for two years.

Leaning against the wall can increase security.

Friends, don’t forget this.

There are many kinds of yoga postures, so that you can try new movements every day and bid farewell to the aesthetic fatigue caused by repeating one exercise every day.

If you are also a little interested in yoga, it’s better to strike while the iron is hot and try today’s postures.

I’m waiting for you here!..

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