New Yoga Life

The design of Yoga logo moved me to yoga

              [designer mu] at that time, the little heart of yoga life hall was born.

Thank Mr.

Mu Mu for his careful design.

I choked on my way back from the florist in the afternoon.

All the way, I thought that the two teachers were so kind to zen yoga partners.

Encouraged me all the way.

Take the root of self-confidence deeply.

There will always be bumps in the opening process, but I think the process is very interesting.

It is these experiences that make life rich and colorful.

Logo design of Ershi Yoga life hall [initial heart] name: Ershi creation purpose: to reflect the natural Yin and Yang, deficiency and reality of yoga.

The way to balance physical and mental health.

Meaning or creativity of the work: in the graphic part, the designer expresses the Yoga state due to the balance of yin and Yang through paper cutting, and prays for love and peace.

In the text part, the designer expresses the vivid, simple and approachable tonality through personal writing.

Creation completion time: August 2021                 Focus on micro signals..

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