Yoga 5, empty the fat oil of intestines and stomach immediately

Your face is dirty.

You can wash it.

The intestines and stomach are “dirty”.

What should I do? Practice “Yoga bowel cleansing” once a month, which can thoroughly clean the intestines and stomach.

Drink 500ml warm water in the morning, and then do the following five actions in sequence.

After completing a set of actions, you should drink 500 ml of warm water immediately, and then repeat the exercise.

Generally speaking, two groups will have the feeling of defecation.

At this time, you can try to go to the bathroom, but don’t force yourself to defecate.

“You must defecate naturally and easily.” after defecating once, you still need to drink 500ml of warm water and continue to practice until you discharge clear water.

Ferris style: stand upright with your feet shoulder width.

When inhaling, raise your arms slowly, straighten your head, cross your hands, turn your wrists and palm upward.

When you exhale, your arms drive your upper body to bend down slowly until your body is parallel to the ground.

Inhale again, raise your hands slowly, separate your hands and fall on your side when you exhale.


Wind tree pose: stand upright, feet close together, arms on both sides of the body.

When inhaling, slowly raise your hands over your head, close your palms on your head, and lift your heels at the same time.

When exhaling, the upper body bends from the waist to the right.

Hold for a few seconds and draw in when you inhale.

Exhale to the left and inhale to the right.


Waist rotation: upright, feet separated, slightly less than shoulder width.

Inhale, raise your arms above your head and cross your hands; Turn your wrist and palm up.

Exhale and bend your arms with your upper body slowly until your body is parallel to the ground; Eyes on hands.

When inhaling, both hands drive the body to turn to the right as far as possible, and when exhaling, turn to the left as far as possible.


Snake twist: lie prone on the ground, put your palms on the floor on both sides of your chest.

Inhale and lift your body with both hands until your arms are fully extended.

Exhale and hold for a while.

Inhale, move your head and turn your body to the right.

When you exhale, look at your left heel.

Hold for a few seconds.

Inhale, move your head, turn your body to the left, and look at your right heel as you exhale.

People with better physical conditions can try to look at their back.


Abdominal massage: squat down and put your hands on your knees.

Bend your left knee and place it on the ground.

When inhaling, turn your body to the right, exhale, put your chin on your shoulder and look behind you.

Inhale and return to the squat position.

Exhale, bend your right knee and do the same exercise on the other side.

Keep practicing, keep improving, and explore the inner awareness of the body.

Namaste ~ focus on yoga.

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